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A Big Left Block in South American Politician

PERU, LIMA.– Next August 10th, Bolivia has convicted to Referendum Elections about Economy Politic.

Till now, Morale’s Government has nationalized several enterprises such as private natural gas, industry, privatized mining and telecoms companies.

Bolivia’s model consists in creating an autocratic power which allows managing almost all government powers, only by one people, something like Venezuelan – style socialist.

Mr. Morale’s supporters he hopes the recall referendum will allow him to regain the political iniciative.

He won in 2,005, when he gained 53.7% The Bolivian government of the past used to be plagued by budgets deficits and depend on foreign aid. The urban Bolivians grumble about inflation, which reached an annual rate of 17% in June.

Mr. Correa supports his main aims is to reduce the clashes between the executive and a powerful but fragmented legislature that has seen the past three elected presidents fail to finish their term. Mr. Correa a young catholic economist, he has to face world troubles such as oil prices which impacts in the Economy in increasing prices and thus its inflation.

As a result, we are living a socialist environment in these countries (Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela) so we don’t know what will happen in a future for a rest of South American Countries.

What’s more, an increasing of crisis in all over the world, if we use old socialist tools in the economy, the results could be more dangerous because all macroeconomic variables would suffer at all so the phantom of inflation and devaluation would come back again and the cost living would be impossible for managing.

Against a world crisis, each country has to think very carefully to take decisions which economic model will work much better, that’s the key face the crisis and then hoping economical sectors manage in good way its working,