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BexarMet general manager indicted

A 12-page indictment filed Friday morning accuses BexarMet General Manager Gil Olivares of sexual harassment, illegal wiretapping and misappropriation of funds.  The indictment prompted the water district’s Board of Directors to call an emergency meeting for 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 16.  The board is expected to immediately adjourn to executive session to discuss the charges against Olivares and may take action.

En BexarMet ¡Si No Pueden, Renuncien!

As early as February of 2005, Olivares is accused of making unwelcome and unsolicited sexual advances towards female BexarMet employees.  According to the indictment, one woman who succumbed to his advances received favorable treatment, promotions and a salary increase amounting to nearly $30,000.  Another employee who refused Olivares was met with a “hostile and punitive work environment, including limited job duties, isolation and career stagnation resulting in termination.”
Olivares is also accused of recording telephone conversations of certain BexarMet employees who had knowledge of the water district’s financial and internal workings.  All phone calls made by these employees, including BexarMet’s director of finance, account manager and water resources manager, were recorded over an eight-month period.
The board appointed Olivares as BexarMet’s general manager on April 27, 2005.  Before that Olivares served as the water district’s chief financial officer and interim general manager.  
A complete copy of the indictment may be viewed by clicking here.

Source: Stone Oak Info