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Foreclosure topic at City’s Community Development Summit

Foreclosure prevention is one of the featured topics to be discussed at this year’s Community Development Summit. Hosted by the City’s Planning and Community Development Department, the summit is set for September 15 through September 17 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

In addition to presenting ways to prevent foreclosure, realtors and foreclosure counselors will provide insight and share their experiences into how foreclosure not only affects families, but also affects the San Antonio economy.

“Foreclosure has dire effects on families and communities as a whole.
Increased homelessness, decreased market value in neighborhoods, and economic stress on City resources are a few examples of the negative impacts of high foreclosure rates,” said Patrick Howard, assistant director of the Planning and Community Development Department.

“Preventing foreclosure involves the cooperation of many different people and professions and the implementation of many different strategies. We hope this summit puts us one step closer to addressing the problem,” he added.

Foreclosure is only one of the topics featured at this year’s summit. Other tracks include coordinating City resources and investment planning.

The City will also provide an update on progress made on the draft Strategic Plan for Community Development and host several work sessions that will provide summit attendees opportunities to discuss and comment on the Strategic Plan. Presenters include local and out-of-state panelists who will discuss current progress as well as new approaches to community development.

Pre-registration is available, although registration will be taken through September 16. Full registration is $100; daily registration is $50. Call 207-7833 for more information or visit