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Free Trade Alliance Launches the Cross Border Trucking Coalition



San Antonio, Texas,  – The Free Trade Alliance has launched the Cross Border Trucking Coalition, which is comprised of companies, industry organizations, trade associations, and business chambers that support trade, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and a new Department of Transportation Cross Border Trucking Project.   The benefits of a cross border trucking program are numerous and include: more efficient border crossings resulting in reduced consumer prices and it fosters an atmosphere of foreign direct investment (with FDI in Texas paying 32% more than the national average).

Due to the recent cancellation of the DOT Cross Border Trucking Demonstration Project, Mexico has brought sanctions against the U.S. with new tariff and tax rates that are heavily affecting the agriculture and industrial sectors.  

The sign of progress however, comes from an April 6, 2009 Transport Topics article.   According to a Department of Transportation spokeswoman, national leaders in Washington DC plan to develop a proposal for a new cross border trucking program before President Obama visits President Felipe Calderón in Mexico later this month.   Not only would this fulfill the United States’ international trade obligations to one of our country’s largest trading partners, but re-opening the borders would create new business opportunities, especially for the 4 border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, who in 2008 exported over $88.8 billion to Mexico.

"When a San Antonio delegation met with the Mexican Embassy in February 2009, Embassy officials stated that the cross border trucking program would serve as a litmus test between the U.S. and Mexico administrations," said Kyle Burns, President and CEO of the Free Trade Alliance. "The cancellation of the program has negatively affected bilateral relations with Mexico; however, recent discussion of negotiating a new trucking program is a positive step toward fulfilling our original commitment under NAFTA for U.S. businesses and consumers."


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