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New tool for your business

Dear Chamber Investor:

I am excited to introduce a new tool for your business. For months, your Chamber has been working to develop a new Quarterly Economic Forecast that we released yesterday. This new report replaces a quarterly economic report that we produced for a number of years. The old report included a performance synopsis of several key economic indicators, such as employment, real estate, convention activity and other sectors of our local economy. However, it was not forward looking.

While that report has served as a useful tool for many people over the years, we re-examined what we were doing and developed a new format document containing local economic projections. The fact is, during this slow economic period, people have been asking what to expect from certain markets in the coming months, what the outlook will be for San Antonio, and how does our city compare to other cities across the State and Nation.

I believe this new quarterly economic forecast will help answer some of those questions and assist business leaders, like you, with your business planning and decision making. I also invite your feedback about the report. Your ideas will help us continue to improve the whole product.

Take care!


Richard Perez
President & CEO