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Obama’s Plan: Is It Working?



By Julio Borja


After 100 days of government, there’s some questions who american citizens are wondering nowadays, the Obana plan is working out? It was a right decision that plan?

We’re trying to explain how have been the `positive effect in the american economy the crisis planning, it was started on January the first days of the new president Obama, so we can show in a few points:


1.- Financial plan for recuing many Institutions and Banks in which economical situation was terrible, they needed in that moment of fresh money so the government decided to approved a credit line of 787 billion dollars , according with the plan it would allow giving money all activities sectors in order to start with an increasing of production.


2.- With a better economy, it would allow to hire more people, according with the Plan , the government would pretend to hire 3 or 4 million people in 2 years, we are now in June, and some official reports says that there was 150 employments of this year and it’s a little probably to reach to 3 million jobs the next year.


3.- According with official reports posted in newspaper , the estimated of unemployment would be 9.8% , it’s above if we compares percentages 2007, it means the unemployment percentage is 4 points more, it’s  very problematic this situation for american citizen, they can’t think to make plans for more than one year because they don’t know what will happen next months, not only the employment cause but also the future inflation.

The government has to search money to give people didn’t get a job in order to survive with basic goods.


4.- Nowadays, there’s a positive effect in the price international market  about petrol , last days the price has reached an increasing to USD $ 60 , it means that the worldwide economy is started to have a little good performance, it ‘s a good sign for the world future, we hope economies from Asia, Latin America and Africa show positive indicators of improvements.


As a result we hope we start to make logical decision, which allows in a future keys for leaving this crisis, it could be to see in a future strong markets such as Asia and Africa with a good technology and also Latin America as an improvement market.