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Public invited to Development Workshop for the Community Plan

-Workshop to address, economic development concerns-


At this workshop, hosted by the City’s Planning and Community Development Department, Housing and Neighborhood Services Department, Grants Monitoring and Administration Department, the Economic Development Department, and the Department of Community Initiatives, community stakeholders will provide their vision for the community plan by identifying goals and objectives to address housing and economic development concerns.

This is the second planning workshop in a series of five. During this workshop, members of the community will use ideas from the May public meeting to develop goals related to the topics of Housing and Economic Development. The third planning workshop is scheduled for later this month. The fourth and fifth planning workshop will be held on August 5 and August 19. The remaining three planning workshops will focus on transportation, infrastructure, drainage, land use, parks, community facilities and public health.

The Eastern Triangle planning area is located in southeast Bexar County and is generally bounded by IH 10 to the north; South Foster Road and Loop 410 to the east; New Sulphur Springs, Southcross Boulevard and Roland Avenue the south; and Pecan
Valley and Roland Avenue to the west. The planning area consists of approximately 4,400 acres with a population of approximately 25,000 residents (Census 2000).

A community plan is a collaborative effort with involvement of many different community stakeholders. The plan takes into consideration the community’s goals, current land uses, best planning practices, input from government agencies and the City’s Master Plan policies. Completed plans represent the collective vision for the community. Community plans identify the preferred method and form of future growth and ideas for community improvement. After plan adoption, the future land use plan will be utilized by the City when evaluating zoning decisions.

The plan is used for policy recommendations of priority projects as part of the Annual Improvement Project Report to City Council. Additionally as a component of the City Master Plan, plans should be consulted in reviewing projects for capital projects, bonds, and consideration of new programs. Currently, there are 36 adopted community and neighborhood plans.

For more information about the proposed Eastern Triangle Community Plan, call Rebecca Paskos at 207-7816 or visit