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Sample Letter to our Representatives




Call to Action! Email Your State Legislators to Oppose ‘Meet and Confer’




Meet and Confer legislation





DATE @ "MMMM d, yyyy" April 13, 2009




The Honorable [name]

Texas State [Title]

city, state and zip]


Dear [salutation],


On behalf of [Your organization], we are writing to share our concerns about HB 3686/SB 2446, which would establish a mechanism for City of San Antonio employees to formally negotiate their wages and conditions of employment not unlike the collective bargaining process utilized for police officers and firefighters.


We oppose any “meet and confer” process for municipal employees of the City of San Antonio. [Organization] believes that the current process, which provides numerous avenues for city employees to discuss and provide input on their wages and conditions of employment, serves the City and its employees well and therefore should not be modified. 


[Organization] understands that while “meet and confer” does not obligate the City of San Antonio to bargain, the legislation also requires the City to sign a binding contract if an agreement is reached and ratified by covered employees. This could possibly result in a multi-year financially binding agreement, similar to what police officers and firefighters negotiate.  


The SAPD and SAFD collective bargaining agreements have led to our police and fire fighters enjoying the most expensive pre-funded retiree health care system in the country. At a time when the country is in its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the City of San Antonio is beginning to experience budgetary shortfalls, it does not make sense to potentially force the City into long-term financial and binding contractual agreements for non-peace officer civilian employees as well.


On behalf of [organization], we strongly urge you to vote against HB 3686/SB 2446. Thank you for your consideration in this matter and for your continuing service to our state and our nation.




Source: GSACC