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Local student wins pizza party for graffiti poster

Participants in the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department’s Summer Youth Program at the Southside Lions Community Center will be celebrating Friday, July 31, at 2 p.m. with a pizza party for the accomplishment of one of their own, Cipriana Sanchez, whose artwork was chosen out of 100 entries to be featured on the 6th Annual Graffiti Wipeout Volunteer Day official poster.

Sanchez’s artwork entitled "Graffiti Puts You in Jail” depicts an ice cream truck next to a person in jail. As her prize, Sanchez receives a pizza party for her community center as well as a gift certificate.

The graffiti poster contest, sponsored by Keep San Antonio Beautiful, is part of the City’s community outreach to children that they conducted this summer speaking with over 1400 students at local community centers about the issue of graffiti and the consequences that occur when graffiti taggers break the law.

Graffiti Wipeout is the City’s largest volunteer graffiti removal event. During the event, crews are dispersed throughout the city to paint over tagged drainage channels, bridge overpasses, buildings and privacy fences.