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4th Annual International Workers Day March




¡Que alguien me explique! Divididos Lideres Sindicales y Comunitarios




April 20, 2009 . Milum Park @ 12pm


San Antonio, TX .– May 1st Coalition will be gathering at Milum Park to announce the 4th Annual May 1st International Workers’ Day March & Rally. For the last 3 years on International Workers Day millions of people from all over the United States marched to demand justice for migrant workers and their families. In May of 2006 many U.S. businesses felt the economic impact as workers and students participated in a national work strike and school walkouts. In San Antonio over 70,000 people flooded the streets to demonstrate their support of immigrant worker rights. The mobilizations had profound impacts in preventing the racist anti-immigrant legislation (HR 4437) from passing in Congress and contributed to the Democratic Party sweep in the 2007 elections. 


Since 2006 we have seen a series of repressive anti-immigration actions carried out by Homeland Security, The Bush Administration, Congress, Legislation and the US Military on the Border.  Thousands of immigrant families have been placed in concentration camp style prisons that keep parents and children divided.  ICE has conducted many mass raids and deportations at work places, homes, shopping centers, music concerts, clubs/bars and communities.  “The US government has initiated a low intensity war against undocumented immigrants and their families” said Araceli Hererra of Migrantes Unidos Sin Fronteras.  The millions of dollars being used for the construction of the border wall is an example of the low intensity war in the border region. 


This year the May 1st Coalition is working together in an international effort to express our continued support for immigrant and worker rights in the U.S. “Now is the time to mobilize our families and communities to send a strong message to President Obama because he provides hope for legalization of undocumented workers & their families” said Emma Gutierrez member of Migrantes Unidos Sin Fronteras.