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A message from T.J. Connolly on BexarMet involvement

T.J. Connolly

After six long months…Judge Susan Reed and District Attorney’s Office is completing their investigation of our firm’s (my involvement) as it pertains to the the May, 2007, BexarMet elections.

My attorney, Adam Cortez, has informed me that I will be indicted in the next day or so for violations to the 1910 Texas Election Law Code. This will carry a Class A Misdemeanor level of infraction with it against me individually.

I’m also informed that my company, Connolly & Company, Ltd., will be indicted with a felony action to that same Election Code violation. As I stated in September in 2007, I accept full responsibility for my individual actions related to the 2007 election violations.

Although I did not believe my actions at the time to be improper, I respect that ignorance of the election law code is no excuse. I believe the work of the District Attorney’s Office has undertaken has been to get to the basic facts. I will accept full responsibility for my individual actions. I don’t wish to hide behind a plea of No Contest.

If I violated the election law, then I accept full responsibility for those infractions. I appreciate and respect the work the District Attorney’s office has undertaken in the past six months to arrive at this decision. My personal opinion has no value at this point.

What matters is the DA’s view of the situation…and I look forward to getting issue behind me.

T. J. Connolly

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