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Bexar County Democratic Party.Our Accomplishments:

SAN ANTONIO, TX.- Crala Vela Chairman del Partido Democrata del Condado de Bexar se siente honrada en comprtir varios logros. Ella inicio actividades en el 2003.
May 2006 we started with…
 Where we are now
No known bank accounts and no money
 One healthy bank account with $22,000 & one Primary account with in excess of $150,000.
No office
 An attractive and fully staffed (with volunteers) 1000 square foot office, centrally located & easily accessible from all sections of Bexar County.  It is open 5 days per week and is large enough to accomodate all BCDP Committee meetings.
A few broken down pieces of furniture
 Our office is fully furnished with donation from generous Democrats, a little ingenuity and purchases.
Three barely working computers
 Six fully functioning computers with the promise of two more.
No lists of voters
 A master list of almost 2500 Democrats, including over 1100 email addresses.
Less than $500 per month in donations
 An actively working Partnership Program bringing in an average of $3700 per month.  Our Partners and our Leadership Council receive full credit, both on our website and on the wall of the BCDP office.
Almost $300,000 in debts
 Except for CEC approved monthly obligations, the BCDP is debt free.
A federal PAC with a debt of $58,000 from a lawsuit
 With the help of Mikal Watts, this lawsuit has been dismissed and the Federal PAC is in process of being closed.
A past due AT&T phone bill of $700+ from the previous administration
 Paid in full.
A debt in excess of $7000 from the Wurzbach lease
 We have explained to the Landlord that Mr. Casias is solely responsible for this debt as the obligation was never approved by the CEC.  They are no longer dunning us for this debt.
Bexar County 2006 Primary bill > $200,000

2006 Primary Final Cost Report was never completed

2006 Primary Runoff Estimate & Final Cost Report were never completed
 Carla Vela searched the local banks in San Antonio and found 5 accounts at IBC for the BCDP.  Four accounts with a total of less than $700 were consolidated into one account and this money was eventually transferred into the current LNB BCDP account.  This money was used to pay the majority of the 2006 AT&T bill.

The 5th account was the 2006 Primary account with approximately $99,000.  Working with the Texas Secretary of State office, we received an additional $68,000.  Ms. Vela went before the Commissioner’s Court and requested they accept this money as full payment so we may start fresh for 2008.  The court agreed and this money was paid to the Bexar County Clerk as payment in full for the 2006 Primary.
Democrats had no way to contact the party or find information
 Now we have an attractive, up to date website with a calendar of events of interest to Democrats.  Our webmaster has provided links to an incredible amount of information, including a list of Precinct Chairs, a detailed report of the Party’s finances monthly, as well as the CEC minutes.
No volunteers
 More than 60 people have signed up to volunteer.
No CEC involvement or working committees
 Full CEC involvement in all major decision making through monthly CEC meetings and the BCDP Steering Committee.  Actively working committees include Soecial Events/Fundraising, Campaign, Precinct Chair Recruitment, Rules, and Budget & Finance.
We have accomplished much in the last 18 months with the help of many hardworking Bexar County Democrats.  BUT, there is still a great deal to do as we move forward toward turning Bexar County and Texas completely blue.  Now is the time to put our differences aside and to work with the one goal of electing Democrats in 2008!

Carla Vela, BCDP Chair
We are located at:

3010 N St Marys St

San Antonio, TX 78212

210-785-0962 office
210-785-0963 FAX


Email:  BCDP


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