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BexarMet to Host Public Hearing



BexarMet Water District has requested that Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, Inc (LAN) assist in its public involvement efforts regarding the proposed elevated storage tank in the Stone Oak area, specifically Pressure Zone 1395. The public meeting is set for 6-8 pm on Monday, August 31, 2009 at the BexarMet Board Room located at 2055 West Malone Ave.  Those attending the meeting will access to three kiosks, or stations, that will provide information and accept comments and questions. These kiosks will be manned by LAN staff. 

The public is invited to attend the meeting during the scheduled period.  “The purpose of the proposed project is to improve water system reliability, efficiency, safety and fire protection,” according to Mike Lopez, spokesman for the district.  “Proposed construction may include the following components: 1) Elevated Storage Tank; 2) Pumping station 3) Electrical improvements and controls 4) Site improvements (piping, access road, equipment building): and 5) Water main installation to the tank site.”

This public meeting will follow an informal format which does not have a presentation. The first kiosk would be an “information” kiosk where printed information regarding BexarMet, the proposed project and why the project is needed will be provided to those attending the meeting. Attendees will be required to fill out a sign-in sheet and apply a sticker to an aerial photo showing the general vicinity where they live.  This information will be used to provide neighborhood specific feedback. 

The second kiosk highlight tank locations and show aerial photos of the various tank sites owned by BexarMet. LAN staff would have information at this kiosk showing the engineering pros and cons of each location. LAN staff encourages the public to provide alternate tank locations for consideration. LAN staff will provide limited response to these recommended locations as each suggested location will be taken under advisement. Limited questions would be answered here, but the public is strongly encouraged to write out their questions and comments.

The third kiosk will present various elevated tank styles and a chart showing available colors. The public will be asked for input regarding preferred tank style, color and logo. 

LAN will serve as a representative of BexarMet at this meeting and desires to obtain quality public input. This format is designed to encourage participation, not confrontation. Its intent is to obtain productive public input.

If you cannot attend and have questions, or would like to submit a written statement for the Public Meeting, please send your questions or statement to:  Mr. David Hawkins, P.E., Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, In c., 10101 Reunion Place, Ste 200, San Antonio, TX 78216. (210) 499-5082 X 3118