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Bugarin family arrested at the March/ Correct article facts incorrect


San Antonio News
Bro. Rodolfo Macias:


I received a call approx. 1 hour ago from a Brown Beret that your article regarding the April 2006 immigrant march stated that the Bugarin family was not help it mentioned my name. The person that called was surprised and let me explain, approx. one month ago I met with the Chief of police about our May 1 immigration march and I told him in front of witnesses from the Brown Berets, Rosa Rosales, Che Lopez, that I hope that the police do not interfere with our "Constitutional Rights" to march and I told him that the police overreacted with the BUGARIN FAMILY during the April 06 immigration march. I told him that I supported the family on the day of the March regarding the abuse the family received. He assured me that this was not going to happen again.


Con Intimidación y Presión ‘Venden’ la Justicia


Here are the facts Rodolfo: I have for over 40 years defended the rights of immigrants and their families to Life Liberty and their pursuit of Happiness." Here in San Antonio my record is very clear when it comes to defending their rights for Justice not only in the community but also on the job, and also has made several trips to denounce the prison for profit at the Hutto prison that are holding innocent children in the prison along with their parents who don’t have documents. LULAC, Rosa Rosales, President, and myself have met with Michael Chertoff and denounced Homeland Security for imprisoning the immigrant children. Remember the IFCO round-ups, immediately, I organized the families (Wife’s) of the immigrants who were deported and went to the IFCO COMPANY TO DEMAND THEIR PAY. THE COMPANY WAS REFUSING TO GIVE THE WIFE’S THEIR PAYCHECKS! I WENT STRAIGHT TO THE COMPANY AND DEMANDED THEIR PAY AND THEY WERE PAID. I DID A PRESS CONFERENCE INSIDE THE MAIN OFFICE.


I was part of this years march May 1 organizing committee and did several press conferences and radio talk shows to continue demonstrating our support for the hard working immigrant family. This has not been easy but we are not giving up defending the hard working immigrants who contribute $Billions $ to our economy.


On May 1-08, Rosa Rosales, LULAC President and Jaime P. Martinez, National LULAC immigration commission /Labor Advisor went to Phoenix AZ. On a mission and protested the racist Maricopa Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, for his racial profiling of using his deputies embarking on a policy of random racial profiling and violating THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS. We denounced him on the day when all our immigration marches were being held nation wide calling for a National Day of action and a Moratorium.


Facts about the Bugarin family:


I immediately intervene at the scene with the police.

I also went to visit the family at home to get the facts to prepare a case

I had a meeting with all the family and their children who are a very respectful family and any family would interfere when they saw their elderly mother (in front) of their grand children being pushed by a police to the ground. The mother was crossing the street and did not understand when the office yelled at the people not to cross the street (Alamo), the mother did not speak English and did not understand.

I went to court with the family and their Lawyer whom I told him the facts and gave him the witnesses of the incident.

The morning of the trail I arrange a Press Conference all the media showed up and I defended the family and their case of the police abuse in the media. The whole family and their attorney, Louis W. Correa was behind me. I introduced myself as Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice Chairman and Founder and organizer of the Immigrant March, and the press covered the story in all major T.V. stations. I also told the attorney the names of Civil Rights attorney to continue their case.


The family felt very protected with my presence at the courthouse. Lauro Bustamante’s an attorney was passing by a joined me!


I am surprised, Rodolfo that you wrote the story with our checking with me…But that is behind us my friend. I do hope you give me justice. I have all my life for over 40 years done the best I can to defend our people. An immigrant grandmother who was a migrant farm worker full of wisdom, born in 1880, reared me and she instill in me never to forget my roots! And I never well. I just do the best I can and that is all that is required of us in this life of an activist who dedicated his life in the labor movement. I was the first Mexican American elected to an International Union, the International Union of Electrical Radio and Machine Workers. Cesar E. Chavez came to my election in Las Vegas Nevada. The first thing I did in the National Board was to translate all union literature in Spanish for our Spanish-speaking members and pushed for Bilingual Union Organizers!

The rest is history!


In Unity;


Jaime P. Martinez, Chairman

Founder-Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice