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City announces new round of playground inspections

SAN ANTONIO, TX.– Mayor Phil Hardberger and City Manager Sheryl Sculley announced today that the City would begin a fresh round of comprehensive inspections of all its 114 playgrounds. “There is no higher priority for us as a community than the safety of our children,” Mayor Hardberger said.

All 114 playgrounds were inspected within the last six months, using national standards for maintenance inspections as a guideline. Although they are inspected on a routine, regular basis, Mayor Hardberger and City Manager Sculley agreed Wednesday that another round of comprehensive inspections will reassure the public that our playgrounds are safe.

If those inspections reveal any safety hazards, the hazard will be repaired or replaced immediately. If a repair or replacement cannot be done immediately, the playground will be closed until those changes can be made. “As summer ushers in the peak season for playground use, we want our community to enjoy a secure and safe environment,” City Manager Sculley said.

Mayor Hardberger noted that the City has a strong safety record when it comes to playgrounds. The City has not been found liable for any injuries at playgrounds in more than a decade. “We want to maintain that strong record and make sure our kids stay safe while they’re having fun,” he said.

Citizens are being asked to contact the City’s 3-1-1 information line if a safety hazard is discovered at any of the City-run playgrounds. A certified playground safety inspector will be sent to assess the playground and determine whether it is safe for children to use.