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City celebrates grand opening of Northeast Community Link Service Center

The official ceremony celebrating the opening of the fifth community link center within the City will begin at 10:00 a.m. with remarks from City leaders. The ceremony will last approximately 30 minutes and will conclude with an official ribbon cutting. After the ceremony, visitors will have the opportunity to tour the facility, meet the staff and get an overview of all the services offered to customers.

During the event, parents can have their children finger printed by the San Antonio Police Department’s VIP Program. Parents can also pick up necessary materials for enrolling their child in school like birth certificates and immunization records.

The Oak Ridge Community Link Center is one of five centers that the City operates. Each center provides a convenient location to access City services like obtaining trade permits, purchasing garage sale permits, reserving park facilities, paying traffic tickets, picking up police records and obtaining birth certificates and shot records.

Come see what the latest center has to offer the San Antonio community. For more information about the grand opening or one of the other centers, call 3-1-1or visit