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City Council Candidates in Districts 9, 10 Address Issues at First Chamber-Forum



Elisa Chan, Weston Martinez, John Clamp and Robert Yanez; City Council Candidates for Districts 9 and 10; answered questions from Chamber members early on March 24th at Wayland Baptist University. The Candidate Forum was one of five that The Greater Chamber is hosting for all city council districts before the election on May 5. Details on the remaining forums are available here.


In addition to Chan and Martinez, William Davidson is running for the District 9 slot but was not present at the Forum. Clamp and Yanez are on the ballot for District 10, as are Branden Moore and Jeff Carruthers, who were not present at the Forum. The four candidates who were present answered a series of questions about key issues in their districts, their priorities, as well as addressing citywide concerns such as transportation and economic development.

Every candidate running for office in the May election has been presented with a series of questions provided by Chamber members, regarding economic development, job creation and retention; emergency services; education; water; transportation; energy and city budget and finance.

District 9 Candidate Martinez’s responses are available to the public on The Chamber’s website. Chan and Davidson have not responded. District 10 Candidate Clamp’s responses are available, as are Candidate Yanez’s responses. Moore and Carruthers have not responded.

To view the complete list of city-wide candidates and available questionnaire responses, click here.

Each candidate also provided answers to a series of questions that are posted on The Chamber’s web site. If you would like to review those answers, visit the site here.