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Civil Liberties





By Antonio Diaz

Spokesperson;Texas Indigenous Council

Founder: Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice San Antonio TX.


SAN ANTONIO, TX.-  In the Struggle for Freedoms that some are willing to trade for securities  it is hard to galvanize a base of support as those that attempt to stand for Civil Liberties face the Law Enforcement entities that supposedly protect the communities freedoms.


This happens to be the case time after time and eventually that group of people either get driven off  through intimidation of arrest  or by the Wall of Complacency  by the majority of people. There are some of us in San Antonio that dared to take a stand for civil liberty on a public sidewalk and wound up behind bars and now  have to defend ourselves in a courtroom against criminal charges of obstructing a passage way.


This may appear minor but without money for legal representation it becomes a stressful situation. This may affect employment for one or two in the group.


This is why there is so much apathy and complacency in the struggle for Civil Rights, the  near poor working class people that are more adversely affected or under attack  by oppressive Police entities are the ones that have no means of defense.


I have been told to keep up the Struggle and not to give up. All I say is where is the Legal support? I will take whatever comes. Loss of employment and whatever that brings and I will still try to Keep on Fighting for inherent human dignity irregardless of economic status.