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Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Day

SAN ANTONIO, TX.  – Congressman Charlie Gonzalez (TX-20) issued the following statement commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Day:

“Our country will forever be indebted to Dr. King’s courage and dedication to pursing justice and equality for all Americans.  As we commemorate this holiday, we must build on each of his accomplishments by continuing to fight for equality and justice for all. 

“While America has made great progress over the decades since the civil rights movement, our journey towards equality is far from complete.  Whether it is protecting the right to vote for all Americans or fighting discrimination in the workplace, we owe it to Dr. King’s legacy to ensure that all people are treated equally and provided the same opportunities to life, liberty, and pursuing happiness.

“To truly honor his legacy, our nation must not allow injustice to exist regardless of whatever guise it may wear, and I call on all Americans to join me in renewing our commitment to his principles each and every day of the year.”