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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarships

Attending two of the events held by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) was an extraordinary experience.  I am thoroughly convinced that CHCI’s work in Washington, DC, has become a significant aspect of the progress the Hispanic community needs in America.  The passion and care for the Latino community conveyed to the attendees of both events by the leaders and staffers of this caucus is compelling.  I’ve always wondered what formal programs or coalitions exist in the U.S. capitol with the purpose of promoting the causes of the Hispanic people.  Given the programs championed by CHCI, I am convinced that CHCI is essential to Hispanic progress in terms of promoting opportunities for Latinos to integrate into the public policy arena.

As a guest to the CHCI events, I was inspired to learn more about the caucus.  I’ve learned that it is easy to become cynical in the public policy and political world when obstacles seem insurmountable.  When the obstacles seem to be aimed at stifling the Hispanic communities’ progress, the predisposition for cynicism becomes even greater.  However, after having attended the CHCI events this weekend, I’ve been reminded that it is important for Latino students not to despair.  Instead, it is essential that Hispanics inform themselves of the opportunities created by non-profit organizations such as CHCI.  I look forward to promoting CHCI’s opportunities to my fellow Texas Tech Univesrity students.

I enjoyed Congressman Joe Baca’s perspective on healthcare, which he shared with a group of the Tech Democrats from Texas Tech University after an event on Friday.  I was impressed to hear him allude to the importance of creating opportunities for Latino students to enter positions in philanthropic and executive financial boards.  I also enjoyed Representative Charles Gonzalez’s comments on CHCI’s success and his amiable and encouraging personality.  It was also exciting to speak to the Representative because of the notable efforts and deeds his father undertook in this always exciting city of San Antonio.  That he continues this legacy and effectively represents his district in his own respect is noteworthy.  It is no wonder that Representative Gonzalez serves as a member of the board of directors with CHCI.


Josh Nunez
Tech Democrats, President
[email protected]