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Eiginio Rodriguez Works for Justice Dist 5



Questionnaire by GSACC to Eiginio Rguez Dist 5


What we don’t know, and is occurring in District 5, CAN HURT US!


¡Que Vergüenza! Universidades en SA no Cumplen Función Social




Eiginio Rodriguez WORKS to find solutions


In 2002, the PGA ordeal compelled Eiginio to write a compilation titled, "Fire and Hazardous Material Containment Over the Edwards Aquifer: A Liability Nightmare Waiting to Happen."  In 2004-2005, this compilation later became part of the information the Edward’s Aquifer Authority Water Quality Task Force (EAAWQTF) had at its disposal.  It was a catalyst for the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) to initiate a karst aquifer book to denote sensitive recharge features to consider during an emergency event over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.


Eiginio Rodriguez discovered the 01-01 voter registration card incident, a major voter registration card discrepancy that could have voided hundreds of registered voter signatures during the PGA signature drive.


Eiginio Rodriguez SPEAKS on issues.

        -To the Environmental Protection Agency (Aging Initiative) during

          its San Antonio hearing regarding the protection of the elderly.

        – Before the State of Texas Natural Resources Senate Committee

          on citizen obtained evidence and validity of use for prosecution.

        – Before the San Antonio City Council on countless occasions

          concerning the budget, emergency services, streets, sidewalks, 

          drainage, and utility issues.

        – To the Texas Education Agency regarding education.


Eiginio Rodriguez LISTENS.

        – He has seen how Care Link and CHIPS programs have helped many

          with health care.

        – He was privileged to hear Project Quest Students express their

          dreams, desires, and hopes that the program could bring them. 

        – He listened to concerns experienced in gated communities as well

          as concerns in open communities. 

        – He listened to concerns related to bus line services. 



"All of my experiences have made me realize just how many issues throughout the City are interrelated and require that we see every situation as a whole versus multiple pieces."  -Eiginio Rodriguez