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Fort Sam Houston Growth Management Plan stimulates City’s East Side

The City’s Office of Military Affairs is hosting a series of community meetings to discuss the Growth Management plan surrounding Fort Sam Houston. Starting Monday, August 25 through Wednesday, August 27, the public will have an opportunity to review and provide comments on the proposed plan.

The Growth Management Plan (GMP) is a blueprint for action to assist the community to take advantage of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) actions in San Antonio. The BRAC actions will add approximately 12,500 people to the Fort Sam roles. Of that number, approximately 4,500 will be students.

The economic impact of BRAC is significant as it will be the largest economic growth impact in the history of the region, initially adding $5.1 billion to the economy and making a continuing annual economic contribution of $2.9 billion. The opportunity now also exists for the community to leverage this growth and to stimulate an additional $3.2 billion in real property value on the East Side through revitalization initiatives.

The GMP provides a vision to revitalize East Side neighborhoods while maintaining their historic and cultural heritage. The plan addresses housing, economic development, transportation and infrastructure, education, public safety, parks and recreation, trauma and healthcare delivery as well as cultural resources and historic preservation.

The GMP calls for the transformation of neighborhoods around Fort Sam Houston and recommends the establishment of a three-element housing program which emphasizes helping homeowners to improve existing homes and to restore historic homes. It also supports creation of infill housing and strategically placed clusters of modern urban life-style multi-use development.

The foundation of the vision encompasses leveraging the phenomenal growth at Fort Sam Houston as a result of BRAC. These actions include establishment of a regional medical center with graduate medical education and five separate centers of excellence; a large medical technical education/training campus; a regional health-care management center; and two Army Command headquarters.

The first meeting is Monday, August 25 at 7:00 p.m. at the Northridge Park Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall located at 2659 Eisenhauer Road. Subsequent meetings are scheduled Tuesday August 26 at the Carver Community Cultural Center, Little Carver located at 226 N. Hackberry and Wednesday, August 27 at the Witte Museum, Prassel Auditorium located at 3801 Broadway. All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

For more information, visit the Growth Management Plan website