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Immigration Reform Proposal


UTSA Promueve Foro Migratorio y les Proponen un Censo de Indocumentados


Ideas for Immigration and Citizenship



UTSA Immigration Reform Forum /  June 24, 2009



A meaningful, humane immigration reform program should include the following components:


A reasonable path to legalization for unauthorized immigrants and their children who are already in the United States


Include the “Dream Act” program 


Cease construction of the Border Wall and shift its funding allocation to   community-based non-profits (CBO’s) that provide Civics, Citizenship, and English Classes to immigrants


Prohibit the criminalization of unauthorized minors brought to the United States by their parents


Prohibit the states, counties, and municipalities from enacting laws or ordinances that target immigrants


Prohibit anti-immigrant groups such as self-appointed “militias” from patrolling the US – Mexico border region and engaging in any activities designed to simulate or effect “citizen” arrests of immigrants, and prescribe criminal penalties for groups that violate this provision   


Define as a “hate crime” and prescribe appropriate criminal penalties for any act of physical violence against immigrants motivated by anti-immigrant attitudes



Submitted by:  Mario Compean, President

                         Academia América, Inc.

                         San Antonio, Texas

                         [email protected]