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The Community– I want to work together with the Homeowners Associations and I want to here their ideas and concerns. Together we will come up with ideas for keeping our community safe. My ultimate goal is to bring the community closer together. I want to Strengthen the bond between the community.



Crime Prevention- Keeping my community safe is what matters to me. Crime is something that will always be here, but I think it can controled. I feel that more money should be given to the police department and fire department in order to keep our city as a whole safe. Put more cops out on the streets, patrolling those areas with the highest crime risk. Not only that, but really bring back the neighbourhood watch program. I feel this program has kind of faded into the background.



Graffiti- I have already been informed by several of my constituents,that one problem facing my district is the seemingly uncontrollable graffiti. Tagging is no art when it is defacing our buildings and houses, that my citizens have worked hard to obtain. I will work close with the police to come up with a fail proof plan that will eliminate this nuisance.


Transportation- I am for a metro rail system. I feel it can be a efficiant way to move around the city, especially if you are a vactioner. Not only that, but is will also bring in more money for the city, because you will have not only vactioners riding the rail, but also eveyday citizens of San Antonio. This is something I would bring back to the table, and really hammer it home why this would be a great idea.



I want people to judge me not by the way I look, but by the ideas, I have.




Koi Smith Candidate for District 6 City Council.Koi Smith Go to District 6