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Local high schools join in fight to eradicate graffiti

The City is gearing up for the 5th Annual Graffiti Wipeout Volunteer Day taking place on Saturday, September 27, by hosting three mini-graffiti wipeouts with local high schools on Tuesday, September 23.

Highlands High School, Harlandale High School and Stacey Middle and High Schools are joining the fight to eradicate graffiti in their community by rolling up their sleeves and picking up paint brushes to cleanup areas surrounding their high school.

Each of the schools have been active in helping the City combat graffiti across San Antonio. Last year, Highlands High School was awarded a civic project award by the state for their efforts.

The goal of the mini-wipeouts is to get young people involved in their community by helping them to take pride in the areas surrounding their school. Highlands High School will kick-off the day of philanthropy by cleaning up retaining walls at 10:00 a.m. located at the intersection of Elgin Road and Schley Road. At 10:45 a.m. Stacey Middle and High Schools will wipeout graffiti on a privacy fence located at 8101 Landing. The day will conclude with Harlandale High School painting over graffiti at a vacant corner store at 2:00 p.m. located at 1643 Pleasanton Road.

Last year, 2715 volunteers participated in the Graffiti Wipeout Volunteer Day. The day resulted in 404,957 sq. feet of graffiti being eradicated which was a cost benefit of approximately $98,000 for the city.

For more information on Graffiti Wipeout contact Lisa McKenzie at (210) 207-5430 or by email at [email protected].