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Mayor Castro and Chief of Police McManus speak in Ramadan Event



Muslims Host 1st Annual Ramadan Dinner


Musulmanes Festejan el Ramadán con lideres de SA


Ramadan: A Month of Sharing. ‘Building Bridges of Mutual Understanding’


SAN ANTONIO, TX. — 1st Annual Ramadan Civic Iftar-2009 Ramadan: A Month of Sharing. His dinner theme is: “Building Strong Communities through Faith and Service or Building Bridges of Mutual Understanding”. 


Municipal and public officials of metropolitan San Antonio Area will attend the event. Scheduled guests include Mayor Julian Castro, Mayor Suzanne De Leon (Balcones Heighs), Chief of Police, William McManus and Imam Mahdi Bray, MAS Freedom’s Washington D.C. Executive Director. 

Speech by the Mayor of the City of San Antonio, Mayor Julian Castro, said: “Thank you, I see many familiar faces and I want to thank you for your friendship and your support during the months of my campaign. Barriers are crumbling at faster rate.  People come together to share ideas —cancer, space, and ideals of humanity.”

Ramadan teaches us patience, sacrifice, renewal. Our city has been blessed over the years cities succeed that harness talents of community . . . “That is what I seek to do”

Mahdi Bray “Building bridges of mutual understanding thru faith and services”

And subsequently the speech of the leader of the police of San Antonio (SAPD), William McManus;

Imam Mahdi Bray, MAS Freedom’s Washington D.C. Executive Director, introduced Chief of SAPD William McManus. The first words McManus said: “Salam Alecum” ("La Paz Este Contigo".) We were surprised because we never thought the Chief of Police knew about Muslim culture, but he surprised us.

¿Where did he gain this experience?  McManus said he spent 28 years working in Police Department in Washington, DC.  He grew up in Philadelphia diversity, and when he was 21 years old moved to Washington, D.C.  He said, “In Washington there is probably every ethnicity, every race, every religion that exists in the world.”

 “I have a friend, his name is: Akmed Kathan and he worked in the Saudi Arabia Embassy, … I spent many an evening at his home sharing dinner with his family. . . I came to appreciate Ramadan and all it stood for   

“ There’s been a lot of strife in the world over the recent years—a lot of suspicion, a lot of misperceptions, and deep inside I believe that we’re all the same.  We all share the same goodness in our hearts; we all share the same kindness in our hearts…

 “We recently lost one of our police officers …And I ask everyone to treat everyday, to treat people everyday as you treat people . . . . . during the day of mourning and show that kindness and love because we never, never know when our time is going to be up.”

McManus said: “I appreciate diversity, ethnic differences, I appreciate different customs… Philadelphia where I was born, Washington, DC; Dayton, Ohio…mmm…; Minneapolis, Minnesota and San Antonio, Texas."

“Thank you again for inviting me here and I wish you a Holy Ramadan.”