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October is National Planning Month



The City’s Planning and Development Services Department invites you to join thousands of communities across the country in recognizing October as National Community Planning Month.


With 1.3 million residents, it’s important to think about how the city will grow; how residents will commute to work and school; and how the City will do so as a sustainable community. All these decisions are made everyday by planners and impact our daily lives. This month recognizes how planning shapes San Antonio, the work of planners and the planning profession in adding to the quality of life for all residents.


To highlight the role of planners and planning in San Antonio, Mayor Castro and the City Council issued a proclamation declaring the month of October as Community Planning Month. In addition, the public can stop by the Development and Business Services Center, located at 1901 S. Alamo Street, to view a display of planning materials in the lobby. Finally, residents can learn more by visiting the Central Library, located at 600 Soledad; Maverick branch library, located on 8700 Mystic Park; or the Landa Branch library, located on 233 Bushnell, and viewing a book display containing books related to community planning. 


"From working with neighborhood associations that are committed to enriching their communities, to hosting the Community Development Summit, which brings together stakeholders and businesses and helping to maintain design standards that compliment the character of neighborhoods, San Antonio has a strong history of involving residents in the planning process," said Roderick Sanchez, director of the Planning and Development Services Department. "We hope our work keeps San Antonio as one of the best places to living in the nation," he added.


For more information on National Community Planning Month, visit the American Planning Association’s website at