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On Your Terms Campaign


On Your Terms Campaign Co-Chair Red McCombs and supporters of the effort to extend city council term limits will gather to kick off* the TV, radio and billboard advertising campaign to educate the public on the need to extend term limits. 

Beginning Monday, September 29th, San Antonians will see the first of a series of TV commercials, featuring a “revolving door” that signifies the number of council members who’ve served San Antonio since term limits were implemented.

In June, the City Council voted to put an extension of council term limits on the November 4th ballot. The proposal, to amend the city charter to allow the mayor and council to serve four, two-year terms, instead of the current two, two-year terms, will not apply to any current council member.

City council members will still have to run for reelection every two years and will remain accountable to the voters. The proposed extension will also serve to create a greater sense of stability in leadership, which will allow long-term issues such as education, transportation and economic development to be more effectively addressed.

"The term limits issue is important to ensure consistent, long-term planning for the city," said Red McCombs, campaign co-chair. "Our media efforts are designed to commincate this complicated issue in a way that is easy for voters to understand and relate to." 

(*) At the McCombs Plaza Building.

Red McCombs, On Your Terms Co-Chair
– COPS/Metro Alliance
– Neighborhood and Community Leaders
– Supporters of the On Your Terms Campaign