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Open Letter to OLLU


San Antonio Newspaper
P. O. Box 240022 SA TX78224
[email protected]


April 15, 2009


Tessa Martinez Pollack, PHD
President OLLU. Our Lady of the Lake University
411 S. W. 24th St. San Antonio, TX 78207 ph 210-434-6711

On March 24, 2009, a political forum was held at Wayland University, sponsored by the Great San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, James Antenen, University Director was there but there were no students. 


UTSA also had a forum with only 4 of the 9 mayoral candidates. Why were the other 5 candidates not invited?


Today what happened in OLLU? OLLU had a forum by the GSACC, for the candidates of district 1 & 5 but the hall was empty. There were 2 students from Trinity University but none for OLLU.

We talked to the Vice President and they admitted their error.  Mr. Eiginio Rodriguez a District 5 candidate was present.

Now we propose a forum with 9 candidates like it should be, impartial —equal and just.


We respectfully request that a forum be held that includes all nine of our mayoral candidates. If you can’t facilitate a proper forum, we ask that we be allowed to use your auditorium for this venue.


Please advice as soon as possible by calling San Antonio Newspaper
P. O. Box 240022 SA TX78224 Ph 210 473 2759. [email protected]


Rodolfo Macias


Cc: all the candidates 

Napoleon Madrid, Lauro Bustamante, Rhett R. Smith, Julian Castro, Trish dewberry- Mejia, Diane Cibrian, Julie Iris Oldham, Sheila D. McNeil, Michael Idrogo.