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Questionnaire by GSACC to Dan Martinez District 2

Questionnaire by GSACC to Ivy Taylor District 2

Questionnaire by GSACC to Ron Wright District 2

Questionnaire by GSACC to Byron Miller District 2 


The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 2009 City Council and Mayoral Candidates






Dan Martinez

District 2



1. Economic Development, Job Creation and Retention, etc.

As a retired Businessman with over 40 years of experience, working capital;

line of credits; sales and accounts receivables have always been a primary

focus of running a small business.

Government intrusions and many times needless regulations at the local,

state and federal levels have stymied and have hamstrung expansion and

growth of businesses in general. Therefore, I would limit local government in

un-necessary and harmful ordinances, taxes and fees levied on businesses,

with the advice of Chamber Members. In addition, I will create a committee

to review the process and requirements that the city imposes on potential

businesses from step one through the end, in obtaining a Certificate of


Currently, as Chairman of the Eastern Triangle Planning Team I have

identified the lack of a Civilian Hospital & Medical Complex in District 2. The

Community Master Plan that encompasses a 15 square mile area has included

a Hospital/Medical Complex in the comprehensive nearly completed plan.

Please visit the Eastern Triangle website:

Working with St. Philips College the Hospital will bring hundreds of

professional jobs and sustainable revenues to District 2 and San Antonio, in

conjunction with the expansion of Fort Sam Houston BRAC Project. I also

support Collective Bargaining and Unions who work to provide adequate

representation of their members.

2. Emergency Services, etc.

No, I don’t think that San Antonio provides adequate Police Protection based

on the thousands of victims of violent crimes and property crimes that have

not fluctuated from year to year totals substantially. While police are not to

blame in doing their jobs, the Council Members of each District have a major

responsibility in the on-going criminal activity by organized gangs.

As Chairman of the San Antonio Crime Coalition I have first hand knowledge

of the problems involving crime in our neighborhoods and business corridors,

which is why I have established a Guardian Angels Chapter in San Antonio to

be engaged in community policing in the prevention of crime!

Fire and EMS service can also be enhanced and expanded by providing state

of the art equipment and benefits to our outstanding first responders.

Expanded coverage can also be enhanced by additional staffing in Firefighters

and EMS Technicians.

3. Education, etc.

Local Government can play an important role in education by working with

School Districts in discussions of consolidation, in curriculum and extended

fluctuating hours in teaching, in conjunction with State Education Officials

and the Teachers American Federation Local #1356.

4. Water, etc.

I will seek the advice of SAWS and other State Agencies. However, I have

reservations in continually raising the minimal water levels to regulate water

usage conservation measures on businesses and residents alike.

Transparency is a must!

5. Transportation, etc.

Transportation Modes are now changing and we have to look toward Light

Rail Transportation more so, than continue to invest in more Highway

Expansions. I do not support Toll Roads as a means to fund new

construction, nor do I support an increase to the Gasoline Tax. In point of

fact we need to have more public debate before we talk about funding


6. Energy, etc.

I don’t believe that CPS has done a good enough mix in diversifying our

energy options. We need to look at more Solar and Wind alternatives sooner

than later.

7. City Budget and Finance, etc.

What I would do is look at the Independent Auditor’s Management Letter to

the City Manager for the last 5 years and review the recommendations

suggested for each Departmental Agency. I would also eliminate the

Administrative Management Travel Budgets subject to need on a case by case

basis by the Audit Committee. I would also examine year end spending and

over budgeting departmental agencies at the beginning of each fiscal year

based on the 3 month period prior to the ending fiscal year. I would also

review the cost of goods and supplies where savings could be made. I would

not by any means reduce public safety budgets! I will also spearhead funding

for community policing in each council district, beginning with district 2.