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Questionnaire by GSACC to Eiginio Rguez Dist 5


Eiginio Rodriguez Works for Justice Dist 5


Questionnaire by GSACC to Eiginio Rguez Dist 5


What we don’t know, and is occurring in District 5, CAN HURT US!


¡Que Vergüenza! Universidades en SA no Cumplen Función Social




The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 2009 City Council and Mayoral Candidates






Eiginio Rodriguez   ([email protected])

District 5



1) Economic Development, Job Creation and Retention: I would try to avoid creating

jobs versus careers that seem to create stability with better benefits. In accordance

to a TOYOTA Vice President we must not give away the farm. Large companies have

trained professional scouts that evaluate the area even before they mention they

might come. A possible incentive would be to allow them to build on already

existing tax exempt land. We must never forget the existing smaller businesses that

when large businesses (accustomed to lay- off workers) lay off workers the small

businesses continue as usual bringing in sales tax revenue into our area.

2) Emergency Services: I still see police in my area respond alone until backup finally

arrives. There may be pockets throughout the city that does need more police so I

would need to further investigate the situation. As for fire, speaking from past

experience that by today may have changed I experienced responding to emergency

situations countless times with a three manned crew pumper. The appropriate

number of staff required was supposed to be four and better yet five. At that time

the engineer was responsible to engage the pumper to give either my Lt. and myself

water as we entered a burning structure or give me water as my Lt. gave updates to

other companies on route and would pull or carry hose-line to facilitate my search

and rescue or firefighting activity. Two people should be on the nozzle in case of

roof or floor collapse so that hopefully the uninjured firefighter can rescue the other.

Our city is growing upwards and people forget that medical or fire response requires

more manpower to replace exhausted firefighters whose only task may have been to

carry equipment for the patient or to the floor below the fire floor. As a firefighter

one is taught to always think worst case scenarios such as broken sprinkler systems

or accidently shut down sprinkler system, broken water main, avoidance of elevators

etc. So I feel we need to plan ahead if these vertical subdivisions in the sky are to

be the norm.

3) Education: Local government should only have a complementing role in education.

The Partnership program is one that encourages High School students to maintain a

certain grade point average and in turn they are awarded money for their college

education. The amounts are not great but the money is certainly most welcome to

students having to buy books or just need money for their daily needs. Project

Quest is a program that helps special cases although I am not happy with their 93-

95 accomplishment I would be willing to give them a chance if the 95 evaluation

have been improved. Workforce issues: When the Work Source group was telling

people about TOYOTA I asked if the Work Source had a contingency plan in place

when lay-off would occur. I was told TOYOTA would never lay-off people. The

bigger the business the greater the impact to our city we have to think ahead and at

least have a net to catch those affected by negative downturns.

4) Water: About four years ago a lady from the United Nations heard me say that I

was from San Antonio. She immediately interjected and said that while digging

water wells throughout Africa when the people ask where the best water is she

would tell them San Antonio Texas where the Edwards Aquifer water is used a

water, that nature filters on its own only requiring minimal chlorine because of the

distribution system pipes. She then asked why is it people don’t care to protect the

entrance or recharge areas of these great natural cisterns (caverns). I told her I

tried but in my country it is customary to be reactive versus proactive. Quantity: We

have to be careful that development proposed is analyzed for its water consumption

needs. TOYOTA I think uses approximately 5 million gallons of water a day that is

then purified and recycled. Therefore, how many such consumers can we embrace?

Quality: The Edwards has the Edwards Aquifer Authority regulations, the TCEQ and

the Clean Water Act for some protections but one place that is not so protected is

the Wilcox/Carrizo Aquifer that happens to be the location of the SAWS Aquifer

Retrieval System. Quality and Quantity: It was proposed that the city could create a

pipeline and retrieve water from certain rivers. As a SAWS Citizen Advisory panel

member having seen the environmental study maps of PPM of diverse contaminants

and amounts throughout with pockets here and there of clean and not so clean

water I asked where exactly would be the best place to get the water from. A filter

was also shown to us that would clean the water for potable use but when I asked if

by product required special disposal cost became a factor.

5) Transportation: The way to alleviate transportation problems is better planning and

foresight. The VIA system had a frequent bus stop route service in place but it

failed because bus riders said that the frequent bus stop schedule was not always

followed or was delayed for whatever reason. It was never efficiently maintained.

This type of system with taxi accessibility is what I have seen in Mexico City. The

difference there of course is the price.

6) Energy: I favor, that as a city, we be very careful of what type of businesses we

allure. We need to be prudent in our decisions regarding energy, so that our existing

resources are not overwhelmed, requiring our citizens to pay higher prices in

relation to a demand they themselves did not create. Microsoft’s establishment in

San Antonio, with 75 employees, has an electric energy requirement that has caused

that Microsoft be kicked out of other cities in the past? I was going to say might

cause brownouts, but I found that CPS abatements to certain residential consumers

have already been offered. The energy required by Microsoft will create brown outs

in the western and eastern electrical grids of our city. Not to worry. According to the

City, this problem will be alleviated as soon as the new coal fire power plant is in

place. Wind is fine, but I most certainly hope that all younger generations travel and

enjoy nature and its scenic picturesque view as soon as possible before it is further

diminished by wind turbines that have cropped up like giant weeds. Very few ask

what we can do to live with what we have. Very few ask what environmentally safe

innovations that use less electricity can be implemented. The nuclear question

requires that all San Antonians, read the articles that can be found in the Texana

Archives at our COSA Main Library related to the November 13, 1963, Medina Base

Explosion Incident (see attachment). Further study, review and analysis of past

ailments and 1963-to recent rare cancer/thyroid/other deaths in our area (including

La Coste, Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Uvalde, etc.) compared to ailments from

actual radiation fission scenarios, might help us be ever so cautious of how possibly

non-fission/fusion scenarios could affect us all.

The continued planning of Safety Corridors for transport of nuclear waste will have

to be continued, avoiding sensitive aquifer areas and high density development, if

possible. The South Texas salt mine underground nuclear waste facility, and other

such places, will require continued inspection and maintenance for years to come. A

report shown several years ago demonstrated that some containers thought to be

indestructible may have been compromised because of salt corroding some rubber


7) City Budget and Finance: Top priorities are to prioritize projects dealing with safety.

Safe routes to schools should be emulated in our city so that all school children can

have a safe sidewalk to use. Better coordination of entities involved (CPS, SAWS and

Public Works) could help curb the cost of uncoordinated but repeated activity.

Flooding still occurs and yet monies for such areas, is yet to arrive. Curbs provide

better venues for drainage as do streets that are lower than the surrounding

properties. The San Antonio River Authority Creeks restoration project committee

when asked by me if it wouldn’t be a good idea to look into functionality of the

creeks now drainage channels before spending money in beautification resulted in a

letter being sent to me later. The letter included my neighborhood area with a

floodplain from an engineering firm that was offering to speak to my neighborhood

to tell those affected near the creek channel to buy flood insurance. My safety

concerns cover many issues such as high rise safety to 180/150 foot proposed water

towers that are in the line of military and at times commercial aviation flight paths.