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Questionnaire by GSACC to Koi Smith District 6



The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 2009 City Council and Mayoral Candidates




Koi Smith

District 6



1. Economic Development, Job Creation and Retention:

I personally want San Antonio to be a leading city when it comes to recycling.

Little do people know that recycling does three key important things. It helps

stimulate the economy by creating jobs, it brings in more money to the city

and it is helpful and good for the environment. As your councilman for district

6 I would be looking to lure and bring in jobs with eco-friendly green collar

jobs in mind, by offer them special tax incentives to set up shop here.

2. Emergency Services:

I have the up most respect for our emergency response teams. For them to

put their lives on the line each day is a testimony to the good that is still left

in people. I think our response times are good but we do have room for

improvement. I do feel that we need more police, fire and EMS out on the

streets. With some looking to retire soon, we need to make sure that we

have people ready to fill their shoes.

3. Education:

Education is very important in shaping an individual into the person that they

will become tomorrow. I have been and is still part of an educational

environment, and I must say that staying in school continues to get harder

and harder each day, but I continue going because my diplomas will open

even more windows of opportunity for me. I visited the San Antonio Teen

center about a month ago and those kids there are in a positive environment.

I think the city should start funding positive organizations like these, because

they keep kids in school and out of trouble. The director their shared with me

some of the success stories that came from the center. Some kids are now

excelling in UT Austin while others aren’t too far behind. Denzel Washington

and Bill Clinton came from the Boy’s and Girls club and look how successful

they are. I feel that I am already a shinning example to other kids because

I’m vying for such a high office. If I win I will be visiting with all schools

letting kids know to stay and school so that they can chase their dreams too.

4. Water:

I think with the lack of rain spells a summer full of water restrictions for San

Antonio citizens. I feel we as the city need to start looking into other aquifers

other than the Edwards Aquifer. Plus another good rain won’t hurt.

5. Transportation:

I am all for a light rail transit system for the city. I think San Antonio is too

big of a city not to have one. It will definitely alleviate traffic and possibly

help clean up air pollution. It will also be cost effective to tourists, and the

citizens of San Antonio.

6. Energy:

I am against Coal and Nuclear because they both pollute the environment. I

think we need to start focusing more on renewable resources so we can help

clean up the environment and possibly get those monthly electric bills down

to a reasonable amount.

7. My top five budget priorities:

1. Public Safety (Police, Fire and EMS)

2. Infrastructure (Improve and fix our streets, roads and sidewalks)

3. Parks

4. Recreation (Boys & Girls Club, Gyms, etc.)