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Questionnaire by GSACC to Lorena Saldierna District 5



The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 2009 City Council and Mayoral Candidates






Lorena Saldierna

District 5


1. Economic development and retention encouragment to retain and create jobs

included are the emergency services?

San Antonio is a very well developed town able to hold even emergency jobs

and provide emergency help just like we saw during the flood of two of our

neighbors such Loussiana and Houston. Is important to give help to the small

busibess, starting from garage sales and churches sales, volunteer work, and

gifts they have, to aid the economy and growth of this town. Remember that

the moral valious and good citizenship we enjoy now, is the fruit of many

ministers who draw the American constitution.

2. Education?

San Antonio is one of the newest countries, and many inovators come to see

what to do many with money many with ideas we don’t discriminate but the

ones with the ideas come to educate in this world of opportunitiea thet the

ones with the finantial resources can pay without mantion the interest of the

goverment to educate the ones that not involving themselves in drugadiction

can enjoy the opportunity to have paid their tuition which is part of the

expense towards higher education. The church should come forward to enjoy

the journey helping building minds, to help communities, I will say that to

serve the Lord is to serve the community and there is a lot of plesure to serve


3. Water resources?

To train the community to use the natural resources is thing of the spirit. To

have the same spirit of preservation comes from the gifts of the Holy Spirit,

spiritual people practice preservation and in orderly fashion cares for many

thing, why not allow the participation of christian groups to indoctrinate the

care for the natural resources and so they can last until strategies are planed

in case of emergency.

4. Transportation?

The transportation issue is not easy to solve because people have created

second and three floor maybe more floors and to specific site of the house

specific space for the car there no question to ask. Still we need to remember

to be careful to live lives like those because this environments will create

plagues such the gun fire, theft, unwanted pregnancies on teens, crime will

rise because the city doesn’t have all the jobs available for everyone always. I

propose to go to the rural areas where the air is clean, where the plants will

give what is need to sustain the life, and not necessary to expend our

financial resources like if the land were sterile, there is plenty of savings

planting all kind of vegetables and fruit trees around our houses.

5. Energy?

There is plenty of energy around us. If there is plenty of vegetation there is

energy. There is plenty of life we still have the animal force to depend on, is

so healthy to take tour in horses and other ways of transportation, there is

plenty of resources to bring light to the houses and to cook meals, we still

have blessings for a long time.

6. City Budget and Finance?

It is very important that the city doesn’t need mayor construction. Sustain the

city already done is the responsibility of everyone the Administrators of the

city people in general keeping with the good citizenship and the family values

along with the Christian values which is the one and greatest treasures we

have since the foundation of this country and allow the church to bring their

favors to the community so that way we can have an environment of respect

and good traditions and by gathering together we can live in harmony and

love keeping all we have worked for and saving for emergencies also.

Together we can make a difference, to serve God is to serve the community

and it is a pleasure to help others.