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Questionnaire by GSACC to Lourdes Galvan District 5



The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 2009 City Council and Mayoral Candidates






Lourdes Galvan

District 5


1. Economic Development is one of my top priorities. I have encouraged job

creation by utilizing the economic development department within the city. I

am finalizing the creation of a District 5 TIRZ, to attract business into the

inner city. We have utilized the Westside Development Corp (WDC) to help us

market opportunities in our district. For growth in the overall city initiatives I

have supported businesses such as the RIM, Microsoft, etc.

I believe that labor in the workplace is a benefit to all, both to the workers

and to management. Job security is important to families of workers and

management gains from working together to reduce high turnover, wasted

training hours, and happy employees will buy into the companies. It is up to

management and labor to work together to preserve a strong economy.

2. Sustainability in Public Safety and Emergency Services must increase with the

city as it grows. The growth of the city has not included services and

transportation routes that would ease the congestion. The question I am

concerned with is “how do we get to emergency situations when we have

congestion tie ups. We must balance the growth and public services together

with a plan and foresight of the impact cost i.e. dollars in our budget.

3. Education is the answer to all our economic problems. I believe that we are

disconnected with programs that are all trying to do the right things to

address our problem with dropouts, funding, state funding constrain issues,

etc. We need to develop and evaluate a clear plan of action for all.

Education is the tool to reduce and eliminate poverty. I am working with

Chief Hood and Chief McManus to create the first Public Safety School to

attract high school students interested in safety and law enforcement careers

and at the same time keeping them out of trouble in order to qualify. We will

grow our own and give students an added advantage to apply for those jobs.

4. Water our most precious resource and commodity must be protected by all.

SAWS has been very instrumental in conservation programs for consumers.

We must continue to conserve especially during drought seasons.

5. Transportation must be part of all growth. I believe that in the past we have

planned poorly in some areas of growth. I support Multi Modal transportation

and light rail is another option we must invest in for the sake of avoiding

more congestion, protecting our environment against pollution and danger in

reaching emergency situations.

6. Energy future needs is very important to me. CPS Energy has done a great

job of diversifying energy options from conservation programs to windtricity.

I want to continue studying the opportunity to invest on Nuclear. I am

looking into safety, environment and most importantly to the cost and impact

on our consumers. We must continue to encourage Green Building, Solar,

and use other non-toxic efforts. We must make sure we make the right

decisions for future energy supply beyond 2020.

7. My Top 5 priorities are Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure,

Economic Development and Education. I want to concentrate on rebuilding

what is broken or neglected. I will continue to focus on two types on

infrastructure. 1. Physical- Streets, sidewalks, curbs and drainage. 2.

Human Infrastructure – Education and Job Creation.