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Questionnaire by GSACC to Weston Martínez District 9



The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 2009 City Council and Mayoral Candidates




Weston Martinez

District 9


1. Economic Development, Job Creation, and Retention: How would you encourage job

creation and retention? Please describe the model/tools and/or incentives you would

support to boost economic development in San Antonio. What are your thoughts on

addition organized labor entering the San Antonio region?

Economic development is very important to Weston Martinez City Council District 9

candidate who also believes that City Hall should work hard to retain existing jobs and

small business’s by focusing on a business climate that allows business to thrive in a

friendly environment.

I believe what is good for business, is for San Antonio to maintain a business friendly

atmosphere in these tough economic times, by having a limited government with low

taxes while providing the basic services. The city should develop consistency so that

business can thrive. Weston knows that our city’s primary duty to its citizens is to

provide services laid out in our charter in the most efficient manner possible while

planning ahead for our collective future; Weston believes we can continue our

successes by focusing on the following areas that have raised concerns within our


• Tax Relief: We must provide tax relief in San Antonio by valuing homes and all

Taxable Property more accurately, including relief for qualified seniors and the

disabled. Enforce “Real Truth” in taxation, so when you are told your taxes have not

increased – it truly means the City has not collected one more cent from the

citizens, unless “the citizens” have approved the increase.

• Public Safety: Your safety as a resident of San Antonio is ensured when law

enforcement, fire, and all emergency services are adequately trained, equipped and

prepared to “Protect and Serve” regardless of the situation.

• Infrastructure: We must maximize the return-on-investment of every tax dollar

we invest in our city’s total infrastructure. Our aging roads and highways, water,

sewer, electricity, gas and telecommunications systems all demand our attention. A

solid plan to include leveraged financing must be initiated and implemented in the

most affordable manner as approved by our citizens.

• Economic Development: Carpe Diem “Seize the Day”, we must together seize

the opportunities of our day. Effective planning, focused policy and capitalizing on

our “home-grown” resources will prepare us for the emerging markets that will

benefit our citizens now and well into the future. One example of a real solution is

creating and funding an economic develop fund. This way San Antonio is prepared

when new business are looking at moving here and matching dollars can readily be

applied for instead of the way it is done today. Other major cities work heavily with

their local Chambers Of Commerce in maintaining such a fund.

If we do these things Economic Development, Job Creation and Retention will be

positive things for San Antonio for years to come.

Regarding organized labor: I welcome organized labor as long as a fair climate exists

for employers and employees.

2. Emergency Services: Do you believe that the City of San Antonio provides adequate

Police and Fire protection and other emergency services for its citizens? Please explain.

If additional personnel are required, what funds will be used to pay for service


I believe that San Antonio is a growing city that needs adequate Fire and Police

presence in our communities and that we currently don’t have enough police or Fireman

per capita compared to other major U.S cities. By prioritizing our spending and the use

of innovation at City hall Weston knows that we can provide more public safety officers

and reduce response times across the city of San Antonio while protecting our citizens.

3. Education: What role should local government have on education and workforce issues?

How can the City be involved in student mentoring and dropout prevention programs?

If addition monetary resources are being recommended, from where will they come?

It is my belief that the solution is for the City of San Antonio to act as a catalsys by

fostering better coordination between all primary and secondary education centers

while looking at Higher Education to promote a trained workforce to fill jobs for our


4. Water: What do you think about the status of water with regard to the current drought?

What is your plan to improve the quantity and quality of water for our City and region?

How will your proposal(s) be funded?

Regarding water supply our region should continue to support the encouragement of

high density development in the southern part of our community away from the Aquifer

Recharge Zone, continued vigilance regarding potential point source and nonpoint

source pollution in all areas of the city and especially over the Aquifer Recharge Zone

and while continuing efforts in water conservation.

5. Transportation: What transportation projects would you recommend and support in

order to alleviate our traffic congestion issues? How would your proposed projects be

funded? Please share your thoughts on the recommendations of the San Antonio Bexar

County Transportation Task Force.

• Traffic congestion is a huge issue for District 9 and is also city wide concern that

needs real solutions both long and short term.

Long Term Infrastructure Projects that are needed in District 9 include:

• Completing Hardy Oak all the way to Blanco Rd.

• Increasing Traffic Flow on Stone Oak Parkway.

• Finishing Wurzbach Parkway.

• Increasing alternative transportation solutions throughout District 9

I support prioritizing our spending so that basic infrastructure needs like those listed

above are met. Naturally in appropriate cases the City would work with both the

County and State to ensure an expedited and aggressive build needed to address our

Infrastructure problems.

Regarding the Bexar County Taskforce, I feel it is important take the groups findings

seriously and work towards real solutions. I agree with the taskforce report.

6. Energy: Do you believe our municipally owned electric utility has done a good job

diversifying our energy mix, including coal, natural gas, nuclear power, wind and solar?

Please share your thoughts on the importance of each of these sources.

I believe that CPS has done a great job providing sustained, diverse affordable power

for our city.

Going forward I favor economically feasible and environmentally minimal impact energy

generation. This position requires that power generation technology be managed and

transitioned in a way that takes advantage of current base generation methods while

exploring and implementing new cleaner power generation solutions which are

developing and maturing. The fact is that our region is growing and power needs are

growing. As a region we need to take all measures to educate power users on energy

conservation and the tradeoffs between different types of power sources. I believe that

nuclear power generation technology is maturing to a level that will provide solid

energy in a safe, clean and efficient manner for a good number of years.

7. City Budget and Finance: What are your top five budget priorities for FY 2009-2010?

What is your position on increasing revenue streams for the City to address basic city

services, such as streets, drainage and other infrastructure improvements?

Our city’s primary duty to its citizens is to provide the basic services in the most

efficient manner possible while looking ahead for our collective future; I believe we can

continue our successes by focusing on the following areas that have raised concerns

within our community: The current budget funds the following categories in order

Police, Other, Fire, Public Works and then Parks and Recreation.

Our Spending should be prioritized by Public Safety, Infrastructure and Economic