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Quico Canseco Comments on Lyle Larson Filing for the 23rd District

By Quico Canseco

“Since Jim McGrody ended his campaign the prospect was always out there that someone else was going to get in to this race. I have said from the beginning that I welcome whoever wants to run. Primaries are an opportunity for Republicans to select the candidate who best represents their values.  I have been campaigning in the 23rd district for over 18 months now and I have spent my time listening to my fellow Republicans and sharing with them my vision for leadership in the United States Congress.

I am running for congress because our taxes are too high; our border is not secure and government spending is out of control. One need only look at the approval ratings of the current congress to see how frustrated people are with politics as usual. They don’t want someone to go to congress and play the same political games.  I want to bring some new leadership to congress and a hard work ethic and actually get things done.

I am running for congress to restore conservative leadership in the 23rd District. I have a simple message: lower taxes, less spending and a secure border. I am going to roll up my sleeves and tackle this work like I have done my whole life when work needed to be done. This is the kind of attitude that people don’t get from the typical career politician. But I am not about business as usual.”