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Quico Canseco to Debate Issues in Last Public Forum with Opponent

SAN ANTONIO, TX.- El Club de Hombres Republicanos del Condado de Bexar tuvieron su reunion mensual e invitaron a un debate a los dos contendientes republicanos. El Comisionado por el Precinto 3 Lyle Larson y el Banquero ‘Quico’ Canseco.

Para la semana entrante tendremos en detalle una nota sobre este debate, lo que se reclamaron, sus propuestas y respuestas a preguntas. Ya puede ver nuestra galeria de fotos de este evento.

‘Quico’ Canseco

Of his upcoming race, Quico says “The 23rd Congressional District is vast and diverse. Composed of 20 Counties in south west Texas, it boasts cultural and commercial centers, borderlands, farmlands and ranchlands with a constituency rich in both history and resources. The district requires strong leadership in Washington DC with a congressman who will listen and understand the needs of his constituency.   I seek to fill this post and to serve the district by surpassing the level of service it has received over the years. “

Platform of ‘Quico’ Canseco

We take great pride that our country is one of a few in the history of the world where people are trying to get in instead of out. We are a bastion of freedom and liberty composed of a population of immigrants from all over the world. The success of America is its constitution, its laws and its common language. When we begin to discard one or the other of these tenants of our society, we tear away the very fabric of what has guaranteed our national survival. As a nation, we must not condone illegal entry into our country. We must take all measures to secure our porous border, and to protect our nation’s sovereignty. America is a welcoming nation and it should continue to extend a warm welcome to those that want to enter in accordance with the laws, the rules and the regulations for entry. Those that do so otherwise disrespect our nation’s sovereignty and they must not benefit by their illegal trespass.

Human Life:
I believe we are all God’s children and that he created us in His image. I believe all human life is precious to God and should be protected. I am a pro-life conservative who defends the right to life of the unborn and protect those who are in the sunset of their lives.

The United States has the most technologically advanced health care in the world, however rising medical and health insurance costs are moving healthcare out of the reach of many American citizens. To address diminishing healthcare alternatives, reform of the insurance market through Association Health Plans, Health Savings Accounts, the efficient implementation of health technology are needed.  The design of a balanced playing field among providers and insurers would make healthcare more affordable yet leaving responsibility for our nation’s healthcare to the government spells disaster for our entire population.

Economy and Taxes:
The 9/11 attack, the prosecution of the war on terror and in Iraq, and the corporate scandals challenged our economy.  Tax cuts have successfully brought us out of the economic slump giving way to a thriving economy marked by low unemployment, low interest rates, and high level of productivity.  This dynamic response is due to American small business and entrepreneurs at the heart of our American way of life. Such a quick recovery happens only in a free and democratic society where government stays out of the way of business, yet insures that government policies maintain an environment where business can thrive. To this end, the 2002-2003 Tax Cuts must be made permanent and the “Death Tax” must be eliminated.

National Security:
The protection of the nation’s sovereignty, control of its borders and the ability to readily prevent and protect our homeland from both foreign and domestic threats, are among our government’s primary objectives. Our nation and the rest of the free world are facing a threat like no other; one bent on destroying our way of life: our very existence. I take this threat very seriously. All reasonable measures must be taken to protect the American homeland and I believe that sacrificing moderate intrusions of personal privacy are necessary to this mission.

National Defense:
The protection of our country requires constant attention and support especially now that we are at war. Our soldiers in the field risk life and limb daily in order to protect our homeland from those who wish us harm. We owe our soldiers not just our gratitude, but our support for them and their families as they sacrifice their lives for our country’s well-being.  As we prosecute the war on terror, our Armed Forces must have the newest and best equipment to accomplish their objectives. They must know that their families are being well-cared for and that when their job is done, they will come home to a grateful nation willing to demonstrate its gratitude by providing benefits for them and their families.

The foundation of any great republic is the education of its citizenry.  For too long, we have neglected our charge and allowed the education of our youth slip by the wayside.  Our national and our state education systems are in crisis. Colleges and higher education are becoming more and more unattainable to our students and public schools struggle to achieve their goal of preparing pupils for the challenges of the future. The control of public education must be returned to the local districts and they must not be burdened by unfunded mandates. The cost-provoking burdens of governmental meddling in the operation of schools must cease and we must admit that the mandates of No Child Left Behind stifle creative thinking in the classroom, increase bureaucracy, and drive the costs of education upward. Government must stay away from the state school system to allow states to release control to local school boards. We must protect our schoolteachers from burdensome paperwork while encouraging them to standards of excellence.  We must find more effective ways to assure that our children are meeting standards and that these standards are fairly applied. 

Social Security:
For more than seventy years, our country has had a federally-administered retirement/pension system created in the 1930’s to solve social and economic demands of the time.  To many Americans, the system has proved to be a vital safety net yet, over the decades it has failed to be administered for longevity.  In those days, America was shifting in demographics from agrarian to industrial society, but today the age of “ownership society” is upon us.  Social Security must meet the challenges of the 21st century in order to fulfill its promises to all Americans.

Our Right to Bear Arms:

Our great country was founded on the backs of citizen soldiers, and the legacy of that movement is still with us today.  The right to bear arms has been a respected and cherished right throughout the life of our nation, and we must continue to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Promoting our nation’s agriculture and protecting the independence of our nation’s food supply is vital not just to our well-being, but also to our nation’s security. Our farmers and ranchers have long provided healthy nourishment to our country and to the world. Our goal must be to remain leaders in food production; to protect our agricultural products from agri-terrorism; and to make our farm and ranch products more accessible to global markets by minimizing burdensome tariffs and export fees.

Platform of Lyle Larson

The Campaign is confident that his platform best represents the constituents of Congressional District 23.
Holding Washington Accountable…
Lyle Larson has cut property tax rates, frozen taxes for senior citizens and turned down all pay raises while in office. As your congressman, he will hold government accountable and bring fiscal discipline to Washington, D.C.
Securing the Border…
Texas Congressional District 23 includes more than 600 miles of the United States/Mexico border, yet the nation’s immigration policies are being shaped by people in places far away from the border. As your congressman, Lyle Larson will bring the responsibility for securing the border back where it belongs – to Texas. 

Caring For Our Veterans…

Washington has a moral responsibility to provide the best healthcare in the world for our veterans here at home and our wounded warriors returning from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. As your congressman, Lyle Larson will make sure we provide the resources to take care of these young men and women when they come home. 

Lyle Larson is pro life and he values the sanctity of every human life. Part of his belief arises from the fact that two of his best friends were adopted at a very young age. Their mother made the decision to preserve their lives at critical moment in time. As a County Commissioner, Lyle Larson pushed for funding of two programs Project Swift and Project Push. These programs streamlined and expedited the public adoption process. In just 3 years, Bexar County increased the number of adoptions by 300% and now leads the nation in adoptions.

Social Security…

Over the last 16 years, Lyle Larson had the opportunity to balance City and County budgets while utilizing dedicated funds for their intended purposes.
Congress has failed to show any fiscal discipline while cannibalizing the Social Security Trust Fund of over $6 trillion dollars. It is critical that Congress develop a plan to pay back the fund before 2017. Tough decisions must be made and transparency must be given about the level of benefits younger generations will receive from Social Security by the next Congress to ensure it’s ability to fund future generations of Americans. 


Lyle Larson has a strong track record of cutting taxes. He insisted that the Commissioners Court cut the County tax rate 7 of the last 12 years saving taxpayers over $500 million dollars. He led the fight to freeze taxes for seniors while increasing the senior homestead exemption. These two programs save seniors over $77 million annually.

He fully supports the simplification of the tax code and the Fair Tax seems to address the complex system we are currently operating under. Also, he believe the use of a consumption tax that is paid by every consumer is a good approach to taxation. For the Fair Tax to be effective, it would be necessary to put rules in place to ensure that people don’t bypass the system through an "underground" economy using a black market or barter system, causing the government to shut down due to the inability to collect taxes to keep it running.

He is also in favor of eliminating the death tax, extending the tax cuts that are set to expire, and eliminating earmarks entirely in order to balance the budget.

Lyle Larson believes in traditional marriage; a union between a man and a woman. 

Immigration and the Border…

Lyle Larson has a multi faceted approach to addressing the issues of border security and illegal immigration. He has been a proponent of expanding Operation Streamline along the entire stretch of the US/Mexican border and ending the practice of catching and releasing OTM’s.  He will not support amnesty for anyone who has entered the United States illegally.

As your congressman, he would create a "Border Guard" comprised of all the Congressional representatives with districts along the border and the 8 Senators from the states along the border. They would be joined by their counterparts from the Mexican Federal Governments. No country has ever unilaterally secured its own border and he would strongly encourage the Mexican Government to participate if they want to receive the $1.3 billion of Drug Interdiction money promised by President Bush.

Finally, he would like to see the expansion of the Farm Visa program into other industries such as hospitality, food service and construction. Providing a legal mechanisms for individuals to return to their home country and re-enter the U.S. provided they are sponsored by a qualified employer is the best way to address our workforce needs.

Who is Lyle Larson?

Lyle Larson is a public official and businessman in San Antonio, Texas. He grew up on a large dairy farm and is a graduate of Texas A&M University. In 1984, he was hired by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, as a salesman for surgical staplers and ligation products. He was successful in that endeavor and also developed an interest in public policy. As a result, in 1991, he ran successfully for the San Antonio City Council. He was reelected in 1993, and in 1996, he was elected Bexar County Commissioner, where he continues to serve.

He is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2008 [1]. Ending months of speculation, County Commissioner Lyle Larson announced his candidacy this morning for the Republican nomination in Congressional District 23.

In the March 4 primary, Larson will face attorney and banker Francisco "Quico" Canseco, who has spent nearly a year lining up support around the district and pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars — much of it his own — into the effort.

Other candidates could still pop up. The filing deadline for office seekers to get their names on the primary ballot is today at 6 p.m.

At a rally outside the Bexar County Courthouse, Larson described his voting record on Commissioners Court, where he’s represented Precinct 3 for 11 years, as "pretty conservative." But he said he’d side-step Belt Way partisanship, and played up his experience in local government.

"There’s a lot of frustration in the 23rd Congressional District and across the country with what’s going on in Washington — a lot of bickering, a lot of fighting," Larson said. "We’ve got to work with folks. For 15 years, I’ve worked with Democrats at the City Council level and at Commissioners Court… If you work with folks, it doesn’t matter what party you’re in."

He served on the San Antonio City Council from 1991 to 1995.

Larson also said the representative for District 23, which sretches from San Antonio nearly to El Paso and takes in more than 600 miles of the Texas-Mexico border, should take the lead in Congress on immigration and border security issues. He said he favors a border fence in some areas, and advocated getting "the Mexican government involved" in the thorny issue of illegal immigration.

He plans to hang on to his Commissioners Court seat, though he said he’d probably step down at some point to concentrate fully on his campaign.

Waiting til the last day of filing deadline means he’s getting a late start on fundraising. Larson has several fundraisers planned, including an event in early February at the home of AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Still, he said he’s not looking to raise bushels of cash and spend heavily.

"I’m going to use experience and reputation more than financial resources."