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Remarks of Former President Fox. Address to Trinity University



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Vicente Fox: 


Well, thank you very much. I’d like to start by thanking all the people that made this got it possible starting with the (being brazil ) in this great university  and in this great city of  San Antonio, that it’s the most warm one place at home here and where is Marta? Ah! right there… Martita! She’s my wife; Marta (applause) my dear wife, my companion we have shared the dreams, we have shared the challenges we have worked together now for a long long time. Whatever I’m going to say here, she deserves half of the credit and none of the critics. (Laughing)


With your permission I’d like to address my queridos paisanos and paisanas that are all over the United States, these immigrants which I am so proud of, which I love, which I respect and admire and which I think that they are a great example of courage, fighting life and looking to build up their own life tragic they make an enormous contribution to this great nation and I want to tell them that I will keep on being with them all along, all along as long as long as it takes, because I want to see with them and this nation a full recognition to their contributions , to their dignity, to their labor rights, to their human rights, I’d like to see them together with their families which today they are apart , I’d like to see them going back and forth  in these two nations that  GOD put together, that we are friends that, we are neighbors, that we are partners. Let me begin by taking you back to April of 1866 on the nineteenth century. The day the president Abraham Lincoln was shot to death for defending his beliefs and his vision about terminating with slavery bringing freedom and making this land the land of the free, and putting together a nation. That very same day in Cincinnati, Ohio my grandfather was being born and later he decided to take a horse and make a carriage, say goodbye to his mother with tears in her eyes and go all the way down to Mexico as an immigrant he saw the promised land in Mexico he came without a penny and he build up a family in Mexico. He managed to own a horse carriage factory and to buy a farm; this farm is San Cristobal where all of you have your home down in Guanajuato, Mexico. And he passed through the revolution in the cristero world and that’s where we come from I’m a product of immigration this is why I tend to be so close to immigrants wherever they are. I have the fortune to spend my early years sharing toys, sharing home with my friend kids at the ranch; the songs of the workers at the farm. Close friends of mine which some of they are here in the United States working, still working on the farms fields and then there is where I learn about compassion, there is where I learn about the value education and the difference it makes. I got the fortune of the opportunity to have school to go to_____ University to spent one year here in the United States at Kinking Yester High School in Wisconsin And they didn’t have no opportunity and the … so I became President of the Coca Cola staffing as browse sales me; So I became President of Mexico starting at a grass root member of my party keeping the both boxes being stolen by the PRI of those electoral processes that we have they were fake, and became President of Mexico. There I’m learning the importance of education, this why I may sure in my turn that every single kid in Mexico would have the opportunity to being in school as long as he would like to build his own project, And the granted of 6 million 250 thousand scholarships last year for those kids to be in school that is why I brought in information technology to each at every single school in Mexico. No matter if is on indigenes community or if is in the fardest away community; All of them are connected to the Net; All of them have a big black board intelligent, digital, electronic and this will make the difference for most kids in the future.

I have the fortune also the educating myself in Yester School to learn about that basics principal of San Ignacio de Loyola that you only reach happiness you only build up your life project by being formers by working for others. It’s the only way you find your personal realization. And this is being my guiding principal throughout my life. I also became a enterpanour  as mentioned here I joined Coca Cola serial sales man spent their fifteen years half of the home that is yours in San Cristobal that me and my family enjoy I bought from my savings in Coca Cola, the other half I had to get a bank loan right at a hundred and fifty percent a year, impossible to pay and this was the only Mexico. The Mexico former to the change of July the 2nd. that brought in stability that brought in protection to the asset of the  patrimony of the family through a democracy and through building  a strong economy whose fundamentals would be in line, in converge with those with our main partners: United States and Canada; and Mexico today is not only the twelfth largest economy in the world same size as the Canadian economy and Spanish economy eight hundred billion U.S dollars trade balance five hundred billion U.S dollars the largest in Latin America. Even larger than all Latin America together, this is what NAFTA has wrote to Mexico, this is what free trade brings to nations that really enrich by free trade Mexico is the champion of free trade, forty six trade agreements which a come for close to seventy percent of world gross product Mexico is connected to these economies through trade agreements. Mexico is a solid partner of the United States because we buy products and services from the United States more than what France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain do together. Imagine the amount of  jobs created in the United States trough the purchases that Mexico does in this economy  so we are real partners, not only friends and neighbors so we must grow together to build up a bright future for our families in both of our nations. This is why I don’t understand building walls in this country.  


Public: Applauses. (For long time)


 The champion of democracy the leading nation that has shown the way to other nations, the nation that was built by immigrants that came from Europe, that came from Mexico, that came from Asia this is the strength of this nation. I don’t really understand why is the fear, what is the reason to construct that wall there are much better means and ways, talent and intelligence to build up a migration reform to reorder to the crossing of the border not down and not pledging for an open border for anybody to come in or go out I’m pledging for legality, order, claim and full respect to human rights and labor rights. Who is going to sustain the elderly in this economy if it’s not the young, dynamic, energetic labor force actually coming from Mexico and from other nations? Who’s going to nurse the elderly in this nation?  It’s not compassion again what I’m calling for. It is wisdom and it is vision that we need to understand that we are the largest and most solid block of the communist in the world: NAFTA we are. We are the largest consumer market in the world and we can really compete with anybody else either China, India or whoever we need to understand this and work together to build up that future of competitiveness of productivity that we can build together. When I came to being president I had one challenge and it was to protect the patrimony, the asset of families of Mexico. Either poor or rich, either business or institutions; because we have gone through so many crisis, so many devaluations, so many long days of high interest rates and high inflations rates. There are people needed to build up their future with security that people needed a stabled economy and that is what we doubt on these 6 years: a solid, strong economy, where people can work and the people can see the result of the work. Where people can built assets of patrimony; where people can have saving that they want looses in one night like it happen in that sad night of December of 1994. When we have the last memo (or nano) crisis, economic crisis in Mexico.


We’ve in stable now for 12 years and we going to have additional 6 years of stability because we have a great President in Mexico in the person of Felipe Calderón and he would carry on with what is been constructed in this 12 years and in Mexico which is best 6 years ahead in this six years temp that is headed by the leader Felipe Calderón. So we protected the assets and the patrimony, but in a nation there is no more precious assets they’re your human capital. So human capital building is a must and we concentrated on doing this, combating poverty, building up an education system of quality, equity and extending social welfare to 25 million Mexicans want through what we call (seguro popular)  an insure policy for Medicare for the poor for the families with least income, so today all of those families of lower income they have that protection trough this insurance policy but most of all because it empowers them they don’t have to go begging to the hospital or begging to the doctor to attend them. Now they have the right to be attended according to the dignity, according to their capacity. If we socialize this insurance policy and empower people to demand better and quality Medicare systems. I am surprised this morning right here in this university  when I finished addressing the students of Trinity University a group of them came to us Martha and myself requesting support  for a kid here  which is here in San Antonio and he is illegal a six or eight year old he needs a heart transplant there is no way because of legality that someone can resolve this problem here in the United States I think that’s immoral  I don’t think that should happen in this country and somebody and we are waiting to be that somebody  I’m sure  many of you or all of you are willing to be that somebody and let’s keep that kid alive and let’s give him a future to him and to his family we must work with compassion to build up that . Today Mexico is a nation committed with globalization. Mexico decided to participate in the Security Council in the United Nation because we believe in multilateralism. We build together with the United States and other nations the united nations and we developed we created it for the purpose of conducting guiding all the world  for keeping peace and harmony among nations for making sure that conflicts are resolved I think I understand why United States try to be the policeman of all the worth its like a loving father United States try to convince democracy tries to convince  the way of leading there is a book that is very wise for parents and I think it applies for nations it is inbrased them and letting go   good advice for parents we cannot deal with our kids all along trough their lives keeping them nourished and then they will never grow they will never meet their challenges and they will never accomplish their life’s project we just have to let them grow. We educate we teach we give them example and then we let them go. That is what has to be done with Iraq now. United States already removed the dictator and now Iraqi people must decide their faith must decide their path must decide how they want to build the country they don’t have to have the United States giving them hamburgers and hotdogs in the U.S control all the time let them do let them be (applause) I’m not here to give advice to anybody (laugh) but United States and the U.S government should get out of Iraq now as soon as possible. (applause) I have a great friend President Bush we met before we where presidents, we met when we where elective presidents, we met when we were on time to build up projects that would nourish each other that we would plan and work like partners and we met in San Cristobal it was a great, great meeting and we started working on that dream , that American dream and America is all the continent  not just United States and we had a dream for the continent that we would move the worlds and trade agreement  continental trade agreement that we would bring in an antiquate proposal to congress in the United States for an immigration reform that we would promote market economy all throughout the Americans that we would combat poverty illiteracy and ignorance all throughout Latin America I think it does worth great dreams. But unfortunately we couldn’t comply with our dream; September the eleventh came a very sad day to everybody here to everybody in the world to all democracy’s and yes we want to make sure that that won’t repeat again anywhere in the world and it’s a hard world and it’s a very strong community to work so that we don’t have terrorist at begin that we cannot stop the world that we must keep building that we must keep moving because he who stops, he who stops moving he starts dying and he starts loosing his momentum and I know we have not accomplished the great part of our dreams that immigration reform is in congress now that is an advance and it is a step forward but I think it should move faster if we have vision so that we get it trough in this next month or maybe years. My days with President Bush where unreaching, we discussed a lot of things and a lot of problems and we brought in solutions and I’m sure that two leaders now from Mexico and the United States will keep on working on this vision to further integrate and to further work to make sure that this partnership becomes a partnership for prosperity that was the dream of my grandfather, that was the dream of President Abraham Lincoln, that was the dream of many, many Americans in this land and we just have to keep working with strong commitment. This is what I was sharing with the students of this university they would be the leaders of tomorrow and I recall reading President Richard Nixon when he was saying that the leadership forces in the arena and only those that had been on the arena now about sad nights now about tears they cried now about sufferings but only those that had been on the arena are the ones who can reach success and who can meet triumph and are the ones that are going to be in the Olympus with those that have changed humanity those that have changed the world and this is the challenge for the students in this university this is the challenge for all of us.


Let me finish with this short story that might inspire us: there was this man walking on Hollywood Boulevard and he sees this big Cadillac coming driving by a very powerful and pride person and the men started complaining about his bad luck , started renegating to GOD why he didn’t have a Cadillac , why he didn’t have that much money he kept walking and ahead he saw this other man coming in a wheelchair without arms and without one leg and he was shocked like San Pablo and he started trying and he started repenting by renegating to GOD and he started thanking  GOD because he had arms and he had legs to work for his family and to work for his future that’s what we all can do everyone in a strange, we all can build a better world  we would just decide to do so, this is what Marta and I are doing we have plans to go back to San Cristobal or (para) instable where we belong, the ranch. To go back invest, we joy the family and the without ransoms that Marta always thinking in new challenges; we decides to build up the presidential library like president do it here in the United States, that they don’t do it in Mexico, they better runaway and hide away.


Public: Laughing and applause. 


Vicente Fox: So we building that library, we need it as a platform to keep selling this idea; that great powerful idea of democracy and freedom, that great process of the solid sound economy, fiscal discipline, a human face for that economy and to share with anybody else what we learn about poverty, what we learn about suffering, what we learn about mistakes, what we learn about kid what can be done when you really want to change things and we are building that library and we are working fort to fort in Mexico and we want to be sure with you to share all this we are doing and to share with you at home, in ranch in San Cristobal and to show to you Mexico, whenever you come, you have a home there and you have friends. Thank you very much.


Public: Applause.  


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