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Residents reminded to always be prepared for an emergency

SAN ANTONIO, TX.- The City’s Office of Emergency Management wants to remind residents to “understand, plan and act” by being prepared in case of any emergency. Creating a family plan and emergency supply kits to always have ready at home are two important steps residents can take to remain prepared for emergencies.

Residents should plan in advance what to do in an emergency. It is important to be prepared to assess the situation, use common sense and whatever you have on hand to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Think about the places where your family spends time: school, work and other places you frequent. Ask about their emergency plans. Find out how you will communicate with your loved ones during an emergency. Finally, if your home does not have an emergency plan, consider helping develop one.

Every home should have an emergency supply kit with provisions to last for at least six days in case roads are closed or utilities are out of service. Residents should consider making two kits – one to keep at home, the other to take in case leaving home is necessary. The second kit could be a smaller version of the first kit and packed in backpack or duffle bag. An emergency plan should include some of the following:

Important documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records stored in a waterproof, portable container.

One gallon of water per person per day for drinking, and extra water for sanitation purposes.

Prescription medications.

First aid kit including non-prescription drugs, bandages, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, scissors and tweezers.

A battery-operated radio and flashlights with plenty of extra batteries.

Toilet paper, disinfectant towelettes, plastic garbage bags and household chlorine bleach.

Blankets or sleeping bags.

Extra clothing and sturdy shoes or work boots.

Basic tools including wrenches to turn off household gas and water.

Matches in a waterproof container.

The best way for you to be safe is to be as prepared as possible for any potential disaster. For tips on how you can be better prepared for emergencies, visit


The City of San Antonio’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is organizing to support the State of Texas in staging and housing emergency responders who may potentially be deployed into areas threatened by Tropical Storm Dolly.

The Office of Emergency Management is in constant communication with the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management who is hosting daily conference calls with elected officials along the Texas coast. At this time no recommended voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders have been issued; therefore, the City does not anticipate opening shelters until sometime later in the week and only if needed.

The OEM is working with Bexar County, State and Federal partners along with volunteer agencies, the San Antonio Regional Medical Operations Center (RMOC), and citizen corps volunteer groups to ensure maximum preparedness.

Any additional information will be available tomorrow following a conference call with the State.