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Revised Air Quality Standard May Require Extra Effort to Meet

San Antonio, TX.  – Just weeks after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the Alamo region successfully demonstrated compliance with federal ozone pollution standards based on monitoring conducted between 2005 and 2007, on March 12, 2008 the EPA announced new, tougher standards for the air pollutant. 

According to Comal County Commissioner Jay Millikin, "the core issue in air quality concerns is the health of our public. We’ll continue to work with the citizens, businesses and industries in our region to implement voluntary measures that will assure healthy air for us all to breathe." Commissioner Millikin is Chairman of AACOG’s Air Improvement Resources Committee, a group of elected officials working to assure clean air for the region.

Since 2002, local governments and businesses alike have implemented measures to improve air quality and ensure compliance with federal standards.  Programs such as the City of San Antonio’s hybrid taxi program and Capital Cement’s voluntary decision to implement important NOx reduction strategies have helped to reduce ozone-forming emissions in the region and raise awareness of environmental issues and opportunities. With a stricter standard, the momentum gained by their efforts must continue.

In announcing a new rule for ground-level ozone, the EPA indicated the revised ozone standard will more adequately protect human health and the environment.  Ground-level ozone, the primary ingredient in smog, causes throat and lung irritation, and may worsen such conditions as asthma.

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