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San Antonio Veterans Announce Support for Barack Obama

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Today, Veterans for Obama will gather at the Vietnam War Memorial on Jefferson Street for a news conference in support of Barack Obama’s candidacy.  The veterans will speak about Barack Obama’s judgment to lead our military and his strong and consistent record for advocating for veterans.

"Senator Barack Obama is the only candidate with the judgment to lead our military and this country," retired Air Force Captain James Turner said. "Senator Obama has a record of reaching across party lines and transcending Washington politics to get things done for veterans and to ensure we are treated with the dignity and respect we have earned."

See below for details:


Vietnam War Memorial

At the corner of Jefferson Street and East Martin Street

(In front of the Municipal Auditorium)

6:00 pm CST

 Speaking for Veterans for Obama:

Capt. James Turner, USAF, Ret.

Capt. David Plylar, USAF, Ret.

Capt. Tony Mandujano, USA, Ret.

Nota. Nuestro reportero y fotografo tuvo un accidente serio en el evento, sentimos no contar con la historia completa adecuadamente, pero aqui se tiene su ultima fotografia antes de su caida. Posteriormente podran ver la galeria de fotos.