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Solid Waste Management launches campaign to helpSan Antonio become better enviro

SAN ANTONIO, TX.-   The City’s Solid Waste Management Department is ready to change how residents think about solid waste. Today, the department launched a public awareness campaign to encourage residents to become better environmental stewards by recycling and learning new tools to help reduce their overall household waste.

The new campaign focuses on the benefits of the two-cart automated system, reminding citizens to “Bag in brown, Recycle in Blue, It’s Easy to Do!”

With the two-cart system, residents will have an opportunity to step up their recycling efforts. Today, 60-80 percent of what is thrown away can be recycled. The new 96-gallon recycling cart provides residents with more space for their loose recyclables. Recyclable items include advertising circulars, phone books, broken down boxes, drink cartons, office paper, aluminum drink cans, glass, ceramics and any plastic item that has a recyclable index of 1through 7. Any item that can not be recycled should be bagged and placed in the brown cart.

“We are excited about our two-cart automated system and we want the citizens of San Antonio to get excited about it too,” said David McCary, director of the Solid Waste Management Department. “We want this campaign to help our residents become better environmental stewards; not only to benefit their families, but also for the environment,” said McCary.

Education is the key to the campaign. The components include familiarizing citizens with the two-cart automated system and other forms of waste management with redesigned informational materials, billboards, and the introduction of “The Pros,” four Solid Waste Management Department automated drivers.

To learn more about the two-cart automated system or for tips on waste management, visit the Solid Waste Management website at