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The Lyle Larson for Congress Campaign


SAN ANTONIO, TX.-  Many of us were shocked at Senator Arlen Specter’s decision to abandon the Republican Party and switch his party affiliation to the Democrat Party.  While some may be disappointed, his decision was a long time coming, and we should see his defection as a positive change for our party.


We must seize the opportunity to cleanse the Republican Party of our members of Congress, whose past decisions moved our party far away from the principles that President Reagan epitomized.  It’s his leadership that led to the transformation of the American political scene.  Until we change the Republicans that represent us in Washington, their track record will continue to haunt our party, hinder our ability to move forward and stymie our ability to compete in next year’s election.


As we approach the 2010 mid-term elections we still face many challenges, but our foundation remains strong.  Our platform remains convincing and it mirrors the characteristics that make our nation the greatest in the world. 


However, the people we’ve allowed to continue to deliver our message lack any sense of credibility with the American people.  We’ve allowed ourselves to be portrayed as a party that seeks to be divisive and obstructive.  When given the opportunity to lead we said one thing, but governed with self-interest at heart. 


We failed miserably to elect individuals who had the conviction to stand by their conservative principles in a way that conveys trust and attracted people to the Republican Party.  


We need fresh faces with new ideas and conviction to represent the Republican Party.  We have the ability to take back the House, but until we enlist the right people to take on the task that dream remains out of reach.


Please follow this link to see my editorial, which was published in last week’s San Antonio Express-News: