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Trish for Mayor

Source: Trish for Mayor website

The mayor has a unique ability to affect public issues, community action, and perception.  Her effectiveness is limited only by personality and life experiences.  The greater the challenges and the wider the depth of experience an individual brings to the mayor’s office the more effective she will be.

Launching and establishing a successful small business – and serving as its president – provides me with the chief executive skills a mayor needs in leading San Antonio’s multi-faceted operation. Our challenges are many, but our opportunities are even greater.

Providing basic city services is a direct responsibility of the mayor. However, as the city’s chief executive, I have the unique opportunity to lead the city in achieving universal goals. This will require providing a vision, sharing it with groups and individuals and seeking their active involvement. I have learned through my years of community service that effective leadership requires active listening and working with others.

Citizens expect to have certain services provided in a cost effective manner. We want to turn our faucets on and have a clean, reliable source of water; we want to heat, cool, and light our homes with an affordable and safe energy source; we want to move about our city efficiently and safely. These are things which we will achieve.

However, in order to ensure this generation and others that follow have an ability to stake a claim and succeed in San Antonio we must make sure job creation and retention are a priority and that our public and higher education systems produce employable individuals.

Basic City Services
Citizens expect the city to deliver the following in an efficient manner:

• Streets & Mobility: The quality of the roadways and the ease in which an individual and commerce move through a city is a key indicator of its infrastructural health. I will make it a priority to identify all the tools available to deliver comprehensive transportation solutions.

• Trash Pick-up and Disposal/Recycling: All growing metropolitan areas struggle with efficient trash disposal, and recycling must be part of the solution. As San Antonio continues to grow, we must find cost-effective ways to deal with waste and increase participation in citywide recycling programs.

• Energy: Providing San Antonio with a clean, reliable, affordable energy source is critical to economic development and quality of life. Wind and solar power should be a part of the overall energy equation, but difficult decisions will have to be made about nuclear energy as well.

• Water: Making sure all citizens have safe, affordable drinking water, regardless of whether SAWS or Bexar Met deliver it. A continued focus will be becoming less dependent upon the Edwards Aquifer and identifying alternative water resources.

• Telecommunications Infrastructure: As the information age continues to define how we work and recreate, having dependable, affordable and accessible telecommunications infrastructure is critical to future development.

• Safe Community: Support for our peace officers and firefighters is critical.  With regard to police officers, my focus includes professional development of rookie and veteran officers, making sure all equipment is working properly, use of modern technology to simplify administrative functions, and additional officers as possible within a tight budgetary cycle. Our firefighters need improved and additional equipment, adequate staffing, and facilities to improve response times.

The items which lead to a preferred quality of life are many and diverse. There are issues affecting our current and future quality of life which demand our community’s direct attention. As mayor I intend to be laser-focused on these topics.

Issues the Mayor Can Indirectly Affect
The following issues affect a community’s ability to compete for jobs and investment. Though the council has limited, if any, direct influence, the mayor does have the ability to convene individuals and make things happen.

• Education: With 17 independent school districts serving San Antonio’s education needs, the level of education delivered varies a great deal. San Antonio needs to close the public education gap in order to develop educated and employable individuals.

• Higher Education: Our higher education facilities must meet the challenges required of the future and offer the degree programs necessary to attract, develop and retain the best minds possible.

• Economic Development: San Antonio must continue to invest in the economic engines which give us a competitive advantage. Job creation and retention in these areas must be developed. Area colleges and universities must offer degree programs which complement the development and community investment in these industries.

• High School Drop-out Rate and Teen Pregnancy: Our efforts to preserve and develop one of our most precious natural resources – our youth – should be more than it is. We need to protect and develop this resource as preciously as we do our water and air.


Throughout this campaign I will be further developing this platform. This will be a dialogue. I will engage you on my ideas, you will offer insight and suggestions, we will challenge perceptions of other community members, and together arrive at solutions which benefit the city.


Trish was born in San Antonio at Lackland AFB’s Wilford Hall in 1965. She was raised in San Antonio and is a product of the North East Independent School District, having attended Serna Elementary, Garner Middle School, Eisenhower Middle School, and Churchill High School.

San Antonio has always been home for Trish. She attended UTSA for two years when that campus consisted of only three buildings. As a fledgling higher education institution, a communications/journalism degree was not available, so Trish to finished her education at Trinity University and graduated cum laude.

There are few professions which allow an individual to see a community at its best and worst. As a reporter, producer and anchor at local affiliate KENS-TV, Trish was given that opportunity.

“Looking back, I see that perhaps my increasing commitment to San Antonio was borne from my days at KENS. It was here that I was able to see with my own eyes all that this community was and could be. And for every wonderful story that came into the newsroom there was an equally heartbreaking one. Perhaps it was then that the seed for public service was first planted,” reflects Trish.

Chief among her many accomplishments through the last 15 years is her marriage to Carlos Mejia, the birth of their children, and the founding of her business, Guerra DeBerry Coody Marketing and Communications.

“I’ve always been driven and committed to the important things in my life. Achieving a balance between work and life is a constant push-pull exercise which can tire anyone out. That is why offering our employees an onsite daycare was the perfect solution for the challenge so many working parents deal with daily: how to safely protect and develop our children while we are at work,” said Trish.

As mayor, Trish is committed to leading San Antonio into the 21st Century as a city that maintains its commitment to its citizens, plans for success, realizes its goals, and ultimately achieves a quality of life which rivals any other major metropolitan area.

“Believe me, I don’t kid myself — leading a large community, especially during times of an economic downturn is a challenging endeavor. However, the skill-sets needed by a business leader and a mayor to deal with short- and long-term goals, while addressing whatever issues may pop-up unexpectedly, are rather similar: listen to and hear what people are saying; develop strategies and objectives which are aligned with other individuals and groups; and move forward together in a manner that brings success and ownership to all those involved.”

“San Antonio stands ready to take a leap to the next level.  I will be listening to what the community has to say with as much intensity, I hope, as citizens will be listening to me. This will be a dynamic campaign, with an unprecedented conversation between the candidate and the community. Please join me,” said Trish.



Born at Wilford Hall Medical Center

1971 to 1976

Attended Serna Elementary School, NEISD

1976 to 1979

Attended Garner, Eisenhower Middle School, NEISD


Graduated from Winston Churchill High School, NEISD

1983 to 1985

Attended University of Texas at San Antonio

1985 to 1987

Attended Trinity University


Graduated Trinity University-Cum Laude BA in Communications with emphasis in Broadcast Journalism

1987 to 1994

KENS-TV 5 Reporter, Producer, Morning Show Anchor


Founded marketing and communications firm which we know today as Guerra DeBerry Coody


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Leadership San Antonio Class XXIII


San Antonio Business Journal 40 Under 40


Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

1999 to 2003

San Antonio Children’s Museum Board


Volunteer for San Antonio Fluoridation for Everyone(S.A.F.E.) Campaign

2000 to 2001

Campaign Manager, Ed Garza for Mayor


National Association of Women Business Owner’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award “Innovator 2004

2003 to 2005

San Antonio Youth Literacy Board


NEISD Bond Campaign General Consultant

2004 to current

San Antonio Downtown Alliance Board

2003 to 2005

San Antonio Children’s Museum Chair


Married Carlos Mejia


Son, Scott Ansel Mejia, is born


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce SA-to-DC Trip


Advanced Transportation District General Campaign Consultant


Daughter, Madeleine France, is born

2005 to 2008

Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Chair


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Vice Chair


NEISD Bond Campaign General Consultant


City Bond Campaign General Consultant


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce SA-to-DC Trip


NEISD Outstanding Alumni Award


Visitor Tax Campaign General Consultant


San Antonio City Council Term Limits General Campaign Consultant


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce SA-to-DC Trip


La Prensa Foundation Lifetime Achievement in Media Award Recipient


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Communications Chair


San Antonio Hispanic Fund Founding Board member


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce SA-to-DC Trip


Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Board Vice Chair

2005 to 2008

Free Trade Alliance Board


Downtown Rotary Board