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What we don’t know, and is occurring in District 5, CAN HURT US!



Eiginio Rodriguez Works for Justice Dist 5


Questionnaire by GSACC to Eiginio Rguez Dist 5


¡Que Vergüenza! Universidades en SA no Cumplen Función Social





Apart from basic infrastructure concerns, the following are some

 ongoing examples that are currently taking place or will soon affect families in District 5:


·     When Stone Oak, in the North Side of San Antonio, was told that a luxury apartment property was considered for use by SAHA for affordable housing to include 10% low income housing, the community said they feared for the safety of their children and property values.  Immediately, SAHA stopped seeking that property.  But when a mostly Hispanic District 5 Community was told that a larger Homeless Mega-Shelter would include a detoxification, substance abuse, and  alcohol abuse facilities with jail diversion and sex offenders, the District 5 Community was told to “learn to live with it”.  When the District 5 Community complained of its proximity to Fox Tech High School and Bowie Elementary (a Blue Ribbon School), the school district by coincidence, closed Bowie Elementary and proposed to close/restructure Fox Tech next.


·     The following are Business Properties already acquired through City Council Decisions use of Negotiation and/or condemnation (fancy words for eminent domain).  Condemnation proceedings were supposedly not used:


823 N. San Marcos    819 N. San Marcos    804 N. San Marcos    603 Leal       

619 Leal                    623 Leal                     724 N. San Marcos    617 N. San Marcos

625 N. San Marcos   727 Salado                 615 Perez                   626 Perez 

903 Morales             825 Morales                722 Morales               801 Morales

720 Morales                                          

These are approximately 14 acres (that can expand to 22, then 37 acres) of new tax exempt properties.  Apart from City environmental multi-million dollar cost and property acquisition cost, the property taxes lost thus far, including school taxes, hospital tax, etc., but excluding additional sales and freight taxes, is approximately $347,008.60. (These now tax exempt 14 acres (to be leased for $1 a year for 40 years to the Haven for Hope non-profit board) equates to a tax base loss that will exceed $6,940,172).


· Other Businesses and Homes acquired though similar Ordinances in conjunction with County actions:

1216 Travis               1208 W. Travis      212 N. San Marcos   1233 W. Commerce  

1225 W. Commerce  1222 W. Houston   1218 W. Houston      1220 W. Houston   

115 N. Comal           109 N. Comal         135 N. Comal


Some homes belonged to owners over 65 years old.  One had her home painted by local University Students that were encouraged by a previous City Councilperson and current Councilperson aware of eminent domain proceedings.  The owner died waiting for help from the current and former leadership to help her keep her home built in 1915.  It was a house that was once a saloon where cowboys and

 Ranchers had a place to tie their horses and remove their guns before entering. (Confirmed through interviews and last Video of Senior Citizen homeowner, taken three weeks before her passing.  She was laid to rest 11/03/2008.  Her wish was to be allowed to stay until    Christmas 2008. This never happened).  A neighboring elderly couple traveled from Natalia, Texas, everyday to spend the day at their home.  They made the trip every day until the house was finally boarded up for demolition.


"All of my experiences have made me realize just how many issues throughout the City are interrelated and require that we see every situation as a whole versus multiple pieces." 


 -Eiginio Rodriguez



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