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Where Is The Change That Was Promised?



UTSA Promueve Foro Migratorio y les Proponen un Censo de Indocumentados


¡Que Vergüenza! Universidades en SA no Cumplen Función Social


By Rhett Smith and collaboration with Frank Monreal and Genaro Solis


As We Approached The Location For An ìOpen Forum On Immigrationî, No One Knew What To Expect. The Objective Explained Was That Everyone Should Be Free For Expression and Free From Recrimination.1 

Dr. Romo, U.T. President, And Dr. Romo, Director Of MÈxico Center, Introduced Juan Sepulveda, Harvard Graduate And The Obama Administration Person For The U.S. Department Of Education.  An Organization of ìVeterans For Immigration Reformî Led By Frank Monreal Was One Of Several Open Forum Sessions.

As The Forum Concluded Speakers Were Invited To Form Concluding Remarks–San Antonio Senior Citizen, Genaro Solis, Said ìThe Time Is Now For Mexican Americans To Assert Our Collective Voices.î  

At 2:15 The Forum Was Quickly Forced To A Conclusion As Six Volunteer Speakers Were Given Only 2 Minutes To Express Ideas For The Forum. (Jaime Martinez (LULAC / Union Leader), Bob Shivers, Architect Rodolfo Macias (Former Provisional President of Mexico in exile / Director San Antonio News), Rev. Genaro Solis (A Religious Leader Born And Raised In Sa), Araceli Herrera (Community Leader), and I. Arzac. 

The Final Presentation By Each 6 Person Table Was Not ìPresentedî But Only Collected On Paper

Our Suggestion: Dual Citizenship Should Be Available Tor He Majority Of Families Who Have Family Members On Both Sides Of Us Mexican Border And For Workers Who Have Invested Their Lives Working Here.


The lingering question as the utsa open forum closed abruptly?    Why is there no organization for the forum to continue immigration reform?   We did not get a conclusion or even focus on Obama plan in order to say ìwhat is the necessary next stepî

    A second event might name a commission about the principle purposes.    As soon as possible individuals should be named who will work during the coming months

    For all who are interested. . , community organizations should be informed.

We can suggest that other universities join together with UT in San Antonio and work with community leaders 

Is UTSA now obligated to continue and invite all S.A. universities, faculty and students to join with a second forum and establish different commissions working for immigration reform including other national universities, government and religious leaders?

Are there possible collective websites to facilitate and more effectively communicate?

At the table which I was working, we believed the majority of all participants in UTSA ìOpen Forumî would prefer to continue the immigration forum.

The burning question:  Have university officials and community leaders lost their courage to continue?



  1. 1. UTSA misspoke when officials said “UTSA supports free speech and free expression.”  Let the record show that during the spring ’09 mayoral campaign for the city of SA. UTSA used ‘political advertising (illegal under Texas election law) to support four favored candidates for mayor and denied fees speech and fee expression of five candidates who were denied a place at the UTSA forum