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Why Rhett Smith run for Mayor of SA?

I Have Served In The Armed Forces Of Our Nation To Protect Our Citizens’ Right To Accessibility To Their Own Government And Our Citizens’ Right To Hold Their Government Accountable.

I Believe The First Amendment Means This– Just Because People Are Poor And Struggle To ‘Make Ends Meet’ Does Not Deny Their Freedom — No Prince, No King, And No Mayor Of San Antonio Is Superior To Our Citizens When It Comes To The First Amendment.   Every Race, Every Religious Faith And Every Person’s Speech Is Protected By The First Amendment.

Now Our Citizens Have Questions About The Sculley-Hardberger “Deal-Making” And About The “Behind –Closed –Door” Deal Between Julian Castro And The S.A. Police Officers Association Endorsement.


I Received A Bachelor of Arts Degree Majoring In Accounting And Worked For The Texas Dept Of Welfare As An Auditor.


The Lack Of Accountability And The Lack Of Accessibility Of City Government To All Our Citizens Is Obvious.  Hardberger And Julian Castro Should Not Dictate just what they like without giving our citizens a choice.  They have no transparency, they have a hidden agenda.


From This Day Forward I Pledge An “Open Door’ Policy—First And Foremost For Our Children.  I Support A Children’s Impact Statement That Will Evaluate How Every Action Of  City Business Will Affect Our Children’s Lives.

I Support An ‘Every Child’ Ordinance That I Hope Will Be A Model For Every City In The State Of Texas

That The Office Of The Mayor Will Be Open And Available To Mediate For And To Help Every Child And Family.


We Are Very Concerned That the State Board Of Education Has Placed A Higher Priority On “Testing” Children Than On Helping Children To Learn And Develop.

 –Fighting The Double Taxation Of Toll Roads And Protecting The Taxpayers And Private Property From Government Abuse.

 –Fighting For Civil Rights And The Federal Hatch Act Which Protects Citizens From Police Association Endorsements Of Candidates

–Fighting To Protect Our Precious Water Resource—The Edwards Aquifer.

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