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Fighting Deadly Climate Change


Legislation is pending in the Congress at this moment that could take huge strides toward fighting deadly climate change. It is one of the most critical environmental bills in decades.  I am forwarding the following message from the Texas Climate Emergency Team and respectfully urging you to take action as requested without delay. Thank you.


David Van Os 


Now is the time to make those climate change calls!


We have until Memorial Day at the very latest to strengthen the coming climate change bill. Rep. Waxman, chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, has said his committee will pass it out of committee to the House floor by Memorial Day. Once on the House floor the fight will be to protect it from attack not strengthen it. Therefore, if you want a strong bill now is the time to make to act.


Call your Representative at the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Direct numbers are below.. You can also visit your Rep’s homepage to find out how to email them.  


Ask them to talk with those now writing the climate change bills. Ask them to demand that the authors of the coming legislation (Rep’s Waxman, Markey and Doggett) listen to the demands of nature and do what the scientists say is absolutely necessary, which is to cut emissions by at least 25% under 1990 levels by 2020.  


Rep. Charlie Gonzalez from San Antonio, Rep. Gene Green of Houston, and Rep. Michael Burgess of Dallas are all on the Energy and Commerce Committee, which seems likely to consider the primary bill, so it will be especially important to contact them. However, Rep. Lloyd Doggett of the Ways and Means Committee is also key, in that he is the author of their bill.
The U.S. bill will largely determine the quality of the new UN agreement that will be signed this coming December in Copenhagen.  The world has been asking us from the early 90’s to show some leadership but we have continued to undermine their process. We have to get our government to change.

The scientists have repeatedly and with increasing concern warned us that if we haven ‘t stopped the rise of emissions by 2015, it will be too late. After then, future generations will just watch what nature does, helpless to do anything. Clearly now is the time to act.

The congressional office numbers are below. Contact us at [email protected] if you want more information.





Texas U.S. Representatives:


Michael Burgess                  972-434-9700        202-225-7772

Henry Cuellar                      956-725-0639        202-225-1640

Lloyd Doggett                     512-916-5921        202-225-4865

Chet Edwards                     254-752-9600        202-225-6105                     

Charlie Gonzalez                  210-472-6195        202-225-3236

Al Green                            713-383-9234        202-225-7508

Gene Green                        281-999-5879        202-225-1688

Ruben Hinojosa                   956-682-5545         202-225-2531

Eddie Bernice Johnson          214-922-8885         202-225-8885

Sheila Jackson Lee              713-655-0050         202-225-3816

Solomon Oritz                     361-883-5868         202-225-7742

Silvestre Reyes                   915-434-4400         202-225-4831

Ciro Rodriguez                     210-922-1874         202-225-4511


David Van Os – Notes From a Texas Patriot


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