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High Tech Town Low Tech Politics



By Dan Arellano Historian


Austin leads the nation in many areas but fails as a leader when it comes to politics. We all know that this political posturing by the mayor and the city council is nothing but political “grandstanding.” 


The legislature realizes that in a democracy fair and equitable representation is accomplished only by single member districts.


Because of a lack of single member districts not since Juan Seguin in 1836 did San Antonio have a Mexican American as mayor in a city overwhelming Mexican American until Henry Cisneros in 1981.


In the 1980’s in Austin, a perfectly qualified highly educated and articulate candidate ran for city council the only problem was that he was Mexican American, and what started as a joke, a flower selling hippy from the streets announced he was running for city council, which was picked up by the media and the white wealthy elite from the west side poured thousands of dollars into his campaign and got him elected.


Why? Because of the lack of single member districts.



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