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May 16th Taylor TX Freedom Walk and T.D. Hutto Protest Vigil


By Antonio Diaz /  Spokesperson:Texas Indigenous Council


Families seeking Refuge from natural disasters or civil wars should not be imprisoned for their effort to  survive in a safe place. Join us this Saturday  16th in Taylor TX.

In our effort to continue the struggle for Human Rights for those Children that are imprisoned for profit at T.D. Hutto Res. Ctr. The Texas Legislature is still convening and we can still send our message to Shut TD Hutto Down.

Fair and Just Immigration Reform will not come easy, the Private Prison  Corporations have a lot to lose if they can`t imprison immigrants. These Protests for Human dignity  are a way to demand  Justice and Equality for all Families.

We will meet at Heritage Park at 12 noon  for the  Walk through Taylor by 2 p.m. we should be in front of T. D. Hutto prison. Music is being supplied by bands from San Antonio and Austin. We invite all that believe in the struggle for Human Rights.